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  • Unless the ex boyfriend was part of the problem then no, you should not involve your ex boyfriend while resolving your problems with your friend.
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If your friend is hanging out with someone you hate and you tell your friend you hate them but they continue to hang out with them what do you do

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Q: Should a friend use her exboyfriend in an argument with another friend?
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Should a friend use her exboyfriend in an argument with her girlfriend?

One word. NO No, Not at all

What should you say to a friend who you just got into an argument with?

That depends on what the argument was about

Should you be mad if your boyfriend dumped you for your friend?

depends , if your friend said yes to go out with your exboyfriend then i think so. But if she asked you if it was ok, and you said it was okay then you shouldn't be mad.

Is it wrong to date your best friend exboyfriend?

that's horrible. And can really damage your I.

What do you do if your best friend is going out with your exboyfriend that your still in love with?

you do nothing...just don't be her friend if she's honestly doing that to you!!

When a friend has another best friend. What should you do?

You should try to be friends with him/her. And treat him/her with respect.

What does is mean when you dream of kissing your friend's exboyfriend?

When you are dreaming, most of the time you dream of what you thought about before you went to sleep. Dreams usually do not mean anything. But if you have feelings for her exboyfriend, you need to ask your friend if she would be okay with your liking him. I wouldn't ask her though if they only broke up recently.

If your best friend makes out with your exboyfriend what should you do?

Be happy for them but you cannot really do much about it really also adding on to the person above, you do not want to become jealous or mad, etc. and let a boy ruin anything between you and your best friend, just be happy for her...

Your exboyfriend wants to be a friend?

b freinds i had an ex now we're friends.but now he's crazy and i wonder,what was i thinking!

What should i do if a friend is mad at her friend if she said something mean to another friend?

screw their dog

What should you do if a friend is a lesbian to another friend?

Why should you do anything? A person's love life is their own business.

If a friend plays with another friend what should you do?

absolutely nothing. don't worry about it

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