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No that is bullshift, if the girl wants to break up then she is stupid.

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โˆ™ 2012-02-26 16:33:22
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Q: Should a girlfriend break up with you over you having girlsox?
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If your girlfriend is having her 15's but your not invited should you break up with them?

It depends if there is other guys going then you should ask her why your not invited but if there is no guys going maybe she is just having a girls night

Your girlfriend told me that she took acid should i break up with her?

Why are you dating my girlfriend?

Your girlfriend wants a break how should you deal with this?

you should respect her decision..

What should you do if your girlfriend all of a sudden wants to take a break?

Respect her. You take a break.

How should you act if your girlfriend doesn't like you?

Break up with her!

Should you contact your girlfriend during a break?

Of course you would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should girlfriend break up with controlling boyfriend?

Of course

Should you date others when you're on break with your girlfriend?

If you're fighting with your girlfriend and you're not totally broken up you should never date anyone else as it's considered cheating; if you don't like your girlfriend anymore break up with her for good and then you could date other girls, but I recommend you don't if you're on a break (head space) with your girlfriend.

You like a boy but he has a girlfriend and you think he likes you back what should you do?

You should be as nice to the girlfriend as he is. If he's really into her respect it, but if he treats her poorly they should break up anyway.

Should you dump your girlfriend or just take a break?

Dump her! Ya.

My boyfriend is still in contact with an old girlfriend What should I do?

Break up.

You like your girlfriend and she says she likes you back but she asks to break up. Should you call her or not?

Yes you should and ask her why she wants to break up.

Feelings for your girlfriend?

The feelings you have for your girlfriend should be strong. If you don't have these feelings you need to break up. There is someone for everyone.

What do you do if you like a boy but he has a girlfriend?

If a boy has a girlfriend then he is considered taking and you should leave him alone and later he may break up with his girlfriend.

What should you do if you have a girlfriend but there is someone else you can't stop thinking about?

If you think you are in love with another person then you should break up with your girlfriend, because that's not fair to her or you.

Why did the band days away break up?

The lead vocals guy was having an affair with the drummer's girlfriend

What should you do if your ex girlfriend is friends with your girlfriend?

In my opinion you should just keep dating her and if this ends you should break up with her so that there isn't a reason for her to break up with u so u don't look bad and ignore or don't bother her friend.

What should you do if your girlfriend told you she has a best friend?

break up u hate her

What should you do if you cheat on your girlfriend?

Be honest with her and break it off. Then chase whoever you want.

How should I break up with my girlfriend?

Honesty is the best policy. Oh, and be careful....

How do I get my son to break up with a girlfriend?

say "son break up with your girlfriend".

How do you break up with your girlfriend after dating for 6 months you told her you love and will never break up with her but your not sure if you should or not?

be honest with her

What should I say if my son wants to breakup with his girlfriend?

I would first try to find out why he wishes to break up with his girlfriend and then continue from there.

What should you do if your girlfriend cheated on you but you don't want to break up with her?

Don't break up with her or if your young you well find someone better ;-)

Girlfriend wants a break for a month or so should you wait suppose to move into apt with her in a week?

no dont move in, she wants a break!