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no !

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โˆ™ 2012-11-07 20:24:16
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Q: Should a parent check their childs cell phone?
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What is the phone number of the Childs Park Branch Library in St. Petersburg?

The phone number of the Childs Park Branch Library is: 727-893-7714.

Should the parent phone the daughter on her birthday?


What is the phone number of the E. Louis Childs Memorial Library in Stanhope?

The phone number of the E. Louis Childs Memorial Library is: 973-770-1000.

Can a parent monitor their childs cell phone with out them knowing?

Depending on what mobile phone company you have, yes you can monitor your child's cell phone activity without them knowing. Alot of phone companies have detailed data usage of a specific phone that you can view on their website. Also, I think there is tracking devices that you can get to monitor phone activity.

What is POMS?

it is for when your parents check your phone an ask you why there curse-ing BUT IT MEANS ... parent on my shoulders

When should you not use the phone as it dangerous to do so?

you should not use your phone while driving a car and crossing a street or when a parent is talking to you

Should fifth graders have a cell phone?

The age of using a cell phone is up the discresion of the parent. If they decide their fifth grader should have a cell phone, then they can have one.

How do you view tex messages from cell phone to internet?

There are sites out there (for parents) that allow them to look at texts sent from the childs phone to another phone. There is also one that allows that AND you can check your facebook messages...but it requires you to download a third party app.

Why should a ten year have a phone?

i think they should not have a phone. I think every one should have a phone including kids so they can call there parent and talk if needed help in sticky situations

What is Amy childs phone number?

This is private information that cannot be found on this site.

Where can you get a real cheap phone?

you should check cragslist

how do i check my tmobile phone records online?

you should go to t-mobiles website to check your phone records online

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