Should a woman confront her husband if she suspects he is cheating or wait until she has definitive evidence?

If you confront him, what do you think he will say? He isn't really going to admit it and get in trouble and probably end his marriage is he? Not very likely.

You should get evidence first. People who don't want to know the truth-ask their spouse. Why? Because it is almost certain that he/she will assure you, in every way way can, that they are not cheating and life will continue as normal.

If you REALLY want to know-You find out how!

Also, if you confront him. How will you know if they are lying? Do you really know how to tell when someone is lying? Did you know (this one is almost common knowledge) that liars will often look directly in your eyes whilst lying?

If you ask a suspected cheating lying spouse whether they are cheating on you to you, and expect honesty from them. You probably don't want to hear the truth.

Why do you think he's cheating? In my experience, when there's smoke, there's usually a fire about to break out. By the response to "is it cheating if the girl is an ex-prostitute"? Yes! Cheating is cheating no matter who it is!

Rather than 'Confront' I'd recomend using the word converse. To confront him means that he is already guilty and the conversation will be one sided. He will get backed into a corner, with little room to escape. If the shoe was on the other foot, Is this how you would want him to deal with you? You don't win by putting people down, you win by being able to resolve an issue of the past. That's how you can move forward. You cannot change history, why would you want to constantly have to deal with it?

I am in a situation now where my husband of 2.5 yrs may be cheating. I am going to do my research..... I am checking phone records going back at least 6 months, I am verifing these numbers via the internet. I will call these women and get answers, and checking his where abouts without him knowing. Then when I feel I am satisfied I will present my evidence; at that point he can tell the truth or this marriage is over. Getting answers will take time, but I am willing to do it right. By the way men are liars. so DO NOT believe anything they tell you. FIND things out on your own!

Would you charge a criminal without sufficient evidence to obtain a conviction and rely on their integrity to be forthcoming with the truth when challenged on the suspicion of having committed an offence?

Obtain the EVIDENCE you need to satisfy yourself of infidelity -- and save yourself listening to endless excuses, lies and denials.

I would tell him how she/you feel. And tell him why you feel that way. But they say, if you suspect its going on, usually it is. Im sorry.