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Should all the clubs in your bag have the same shaft flex?


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2005-05-08 01:50:53
2005-05-08 01:50:53

No. Mike Weir uses S300 in his 3,4,5 irons and X-100 in his 6-PW. This gives him less flex/distance but more accuracy in his shorter irons. Having different flex shafts in your bag is common. The most popular deviation is to go one grade stiffer with your driver. After all, most golfers swing harder/faster with their driver because they are hitting a ball that is teed up and not lying on the grass. Some golfers play more flexible shafts in their long irons as well. It helps them get the ball up in the air. One note, if you are having problems getting your long irons airborn, then you may want to go down in flex on your irons in general. It is easier to adapt to more flexible shafts by controlling your swing speed than to adapt to stiffer shafts by trying to increase your swing speed. Remember, one can be taught technique and control, but speed is a natural phenomenon and can't be taught. Mike


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yeah it should. Other wise the feeling of both will feel different and most likely you will be hitting every where. Doesnt have to be the same shaft just use same flex.

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Different manufacturer's of golf clubs have different names for shafts of the same specs. RL is equivalent to; A flex, L Flex ( Light flex not Ladies) and the more commonly known seniors flex. These shafts are designed for a lower clubhead speed.

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The companies that make shafts for golf clubs will have a specification listed on the shaft itself such as "Stiff" of "Juniors". We call it "Flex". The flex standard may be the same on a graphite or steel shaft made by one company and nearly the same as made by another company. It is kind of like sizes for cloths. Both graphite and steel shafts come in "Stiff" flex. Companies may use the word "Mens" in place of "Stiff" or "Juniors" in place of a "not so stiff" shaft. Consult with your local Golf Coach or Golf Professional and they can explain more about the flex in a shaft or other things like "kick points" in a shaft.

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A golf shaft which is too stiff will cause a slice. This is because the shaft is too stiff for you to square the club face at impact. You can get custom fit to see which flex is best for you, as a shaft which is not fitted correctly can affect your game.

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You should use whatever type of club shaft that works best for you. There are some that firmly believe that their distance is greatly improved when using a flex shaft, and probably the same number of duffers that will equally defend the non-flexing shaft. Age really has no bearing on which type - seen some golfers in their 80's who are able to shoot their age ... and with the easiest and smoothest swings to boot. Power isn't everything - proper stance, address and how far one recoils have a huge effect on the distance achieved.

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