Should cannabis be legalized?

Yes. If cannabis were legal, a whole revolution in society would come through. We can start buy saying that cannabis is a completely non toxic substance, minus the inhalation of smoke (no matter how you cut it, your lungs do not enjoy sucking smoke). In fact, no one has ever died, and has had cannabis as the direct source alone. Now if one were to drive, operate heavy machinery, etc, while intoxicated is a risk made by the user, not the substance. Since it is blended in with other illegal narcotics in the underground drug trade, the 'gateway theory' comes to play when a cannabis user is tricked into buying a different product for profit of the dealer. now if legal, dealers would lose money. How? Well if legal and taxed like alcohol, it is specified, leaving the 'gateway theory' debunked as they would only sell cannabis in there stores. As well, it would require ID, ergo leaving it out of the hands of children( because dealers could care less if a four year old wants cronic, as long as he has $70 and nice clothes, he'll deal.). If treated like alcohol, it would reqire new jobs to be created for production and transportation, and evening out the statistics of distribution. Not to mention the medicinal benefits (of whitch are being ironed out in canada as we speak) that would be included. The whole industry is a multi billion dollar industry,and its in criminal hands. it could be as easy as legalization and that would show that cannabis is safe,does not cause harm,and would have benefits on thee whole nation,as well as spreading new pop culture and stimulating the media, and society in general.