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Yes. If cannabis were legal, a whole revolution in society would come through. We can start buy saying that cannabis is a completely non toxic substance, minus the inhalation of smoke (no matter how you cut it, your lungs do not enjoy sucking smoke). In fact, no one has ever died, and has had cannabis as the direct source alone. Now if one were to drive, operate heavy machinery, etc, while intoxicated is a risk made by the user, not the substance. Since it is blended in with other illegal narcotics in the underground drug trade, the 'gateway theory' comes to play when a cannabis user is tricked into buying a different product for profit of the dealer. now if legal, dealers would lose money. How? Well if legal and taxed like alcohol, it is specified, leaving the 'gateway theory' debunked as they would only sell cannabis in there stores. As well, it would require ID, ergo leaving it out of the hands of children( because dealers could care less if a four year old wants cronic, as long as he has $70 and nice clothes, he'll deal.). If treated like alcohol, it would reqire new jobs to be created for production and transportation, and evening out the statistics of distribution. Not to mention the medicinal benefits (of whitch are being ironed out in Canada as we speak) that would be included. The whole industry is a multi billion dollar industry,and its in criminal hands. it could be as easy as legalization and that would show that cannabis is safe,does not cause harm,and would have benefits on thee whole nation,as well as spreading new pop culture and stimulating the media, and society in general.

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When was cannabis legalized in the UK?

It wasn't. It's still illegal.

What percent of Americans think marijuana should be legalized?

It depends on what organization you get your information from. Legalization of Cannabis is a hotly contested topic. Many states have already legalized it in one capacity or another, however it remains completely illegal from the standpoint of the American Federal Government.

Should weed be legalized in the state of pine bluff?

Yes ,Weed Should Be Legalized

Should gambling be legalized in India and why?

Most experts feel that gambling should be legalized in India.

For what reason should marijuana be legalized?

Marijuana should be legalized because patients should not be arrested for taking their medicine.

Euthanasia should be legalized in Taiwan?

Active euthanasia should not be legalized anywhere, however physician assisted suicide should be

Why should cannabis be classed as a class a drug?

why should cannabis be classed as class a drug

Should you mix antidepressants with cannabis?

you can mix anything with cannabis

Should alcohol beverages be legalized for all ages?

No. it can't be legalized for all ages.

Should family planning legalized to determine the growth of population?

Should family planning legalized to determine the growth of population?

Should the cannabis plant be legalized?

there are many good medical and civil things that can come out of legalization but also some bad ones like every american becoming pot heads so its all how you yourself personaly look at i belive it should be

Are all physicians prescribing Cannabis?

No, all physicians are not prescribing Cannabis. Medical Marijuana is highly regulated- and a physician must have a license to dispense this type of drug, along with the state he or she practices in must have legalized the medical marijuana.

Should drugs be legalized in America?


Why has Texas not legalized weed?

Texas has not legalized weed because the state does not feel like they should.

Should Capital punishment be legalized in Mississippi?


Should cannabis be legal?


Reasons why divorce should be legalized in the Philippines?

There are many reasons why divorce should be legalized in Philippines. One reason is domestic abuse would be cut down.

Should Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports be legalized?

There are already some legal drugs, but, like steroids, I don't think illegal drugs should be legalized.

Should cannabis stay illegal?

cannabis should still be illegal but avalibale for patiants with deseases such as cancer to help relive pain

How does cannabis effect finance?

When you take cannabis, it controls your brain then tells you to do bad things like abuse teens and children. Cannabis is illegal but some people think it should be legal. IT SHOULD NOT

Should the use of marijuana be legalized for nonmedicinal use?

Yes marijauna should be completely legalized. Marijuana is the most widely used and biggest money maker in the country. If it was legalized and taxed like cigarettes the U.S. would be out of debt in no time.

Should steroids in sports be legalized?

No. Steroids shouldn't be legalized because they are detromental to your health and they are one of the biggest ways of cheating.

When a cannabis user has non consensual thoughts what does that mean?

Cannabis is not a hallucinogen & should not create such thoughts in your mind. If you used cannabis & began to hallucinate, or have "non-consensual thoughts", then there is something mixed in with your cannabis.

Should prostitution be legalized yes or no why?

no , because its immoral

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