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This is strictly my own opinion, but i think that children should be allowed tv's in there room because it helps them be independent and makes then have lots of lol's NOM NOM NOM

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Should children be allowed to watch tv whenever they want?

No. Children need things other than TV.

Should children be allowed TV's in their bedrooms?

it depends on the family size because some family members dont usually watch on the same channels but prior to this the parents should know well their children. children with their own TVs at their room should learn to make themselves disciplined and limit themselves. Parents should also know that allowing children to have TVs in their rooms will possibly give more stress to the child if he/she abuses on watching so they should consider giving curfews on TV watching..hehe

Should children be meant to have a tv in their bedrooms?

People's opinions differentiate from person to person. I think televisions are not meant to be put in children's bedrooms. Children should read, play, learn, and do other things other than sit and watch TV. TV is OK once and a while, yet being put into a child's room increases their chance to watch, since they are in that room many times per day.

When was Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV created?

Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV was created on 2003-08-03.

How should parents control their children's TV watching?

By setting rules and shows they can watch. Remove TV and computers from bedrooms and also remove the games from bedrooms. The only technology is located in family areas where they can be monitored.

What are the release dates for Bedrooms - 1984 TV?

Bedrooms - 1984 TV was released on: USA: 14 February 1984

Should children be allow to watch television?

Yes. This needs to be monitored for time allowed and content exposed to by the parent or gardian.

Should TV be allowed?


Are adults allowed to watch whatever they want on tv?

Yes They are because unlike children and teenagers adults have more freedom than children and teenagers,they don't have to go to school and do schoolwork like children have to.adults can watch whatever they want and they can get the old tv shows on DVD but children and teenagers can't because they're not allowed to have the old tv shows on DVD.Adults are allowed to have the old tv shows on DVD like The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,Saved By The Bell,Home Improvement,Family Matters or any other old tv shows even the old Nickelodeon shows.Well maybe the children and teenagers can have the old Nickelodeon shows on DVD but they're not allowed to have The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,Saved By The Bell,Home Improvement,Family Matters or any of the other old tv shows. They can have the younger kid TV Shows but not the older children TV Shows.Only Adults are allowed to have the older children TV Shows,they can have any TV show on DVD they want but children and teenagers are not allowed to have the older children TV Shows.

Should young people be allowed to have tv in there own room?

yes they be allowed

Should sex and violence on television or in the movies be restricted?

Personally, I think that sex and violence should not be shown in movies or television. For the simple fact that children watch tv, and watch movies, violence or sex acts should not be shown. If someone wants to make a movie with violence and sex in it, they shouldn't show it for the public. It should be sold and purchased in a place children won't be allowed.

Should children watch cartoon or not?

children should watch cartoons in television or not

Should cursing be allowed on daytime television?


Should woman be allowed to preach on tv?

Yes (my opinion)

Why children should not watch reality tv?

reality tv is not good for children because reality tv is not educational they say bad words and fight and children follow that

Should parents control their children while watching television?

no they should not

Should children be allowed to have TVs in their bedroom?

NO.There are too many bad ,immoral programmes on the TV.Children are incapable of making the right choice for themselves.It is the parents' resposabilities to guide and protect their children so they will not go astray.

Is TV allowed in Islam?

Yes of course, TV is allowed in Islam. However, it is not allowed to watch sexy movies or sexy episodes that are not allowed in Islam. In addition, watching TV should not distract the Muslim from practicing the ritual worships and/or doing good deeds for other needy people.

Should children watch anything on television?

i think that if they wish to, they should be able to.Another view:It seems the first answer was either written by a child, a person who has no children, or has no interest in the well being of their children. NO - children should NOT be allowed to watch anything they want.While it's perfectly fine for children to watch some TV programs, there are some which children should not be allowed to watch. And, as parents, it's their responsibility to monitor what their children do watch, and not use the TV as a 'babysitter.Children are exposed to far too much violence and sex on TV, which can result in them becoming desensitized to those things, causing them to feel the need for further violence in what they watch for stimulation or entertainment. That's only one of the ways in which violence leads to violence.If kids watch extreme violence on TV not just while they are still in their formative years, but also when they are young teens, it can result in them experimenting with things they do watch. There have been many instances where a child saw a violent act on TV, then 'acted it out', resulting in their death, or the death of another child.Parents need to be responsible in what they allow their children watch on TV, and only let them watch age appropriate programs. TV's have parental controls so parents can easily control what their children watch, even if they are not present while the child is watching TV.

Should educational television be able to teach young children?

Isn't that what EDUCATIONAL television is?? hi

Should children have a tv in their bedroom?

it depends on the age of the children.. if 2-4y/o it should not have TV in their rooms. but if the children is in 5 above, i't can.. y not? and the most importance is parents should have a good guidance with their children, saying having limit in watching and have the rated PG (parental guidance) like..♥

Should junk food be banned from children television?

Or fat kids can just stop watching tv

Do you have a TV on your living room?

Yes. I'm in the US and most people that I know have a TV in their living room as well as in any bedrooms.

How old is Lourdes Duarte of wgn-tv?

anyone looking for appartment we will let people know 3 bedrooms 850.00

How many hours a day should children play outside?

Children should spend more time outside than they do on the TV or computer.

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