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Should children be given the freedom debate?


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November 11, 2012 5:19PM

Yes children should be given freedom as they too have there own life and decision making .In today's generation freedom is very much important as children should get the information ,what the hell is happening in this world , in our country.In the ancient times ,the condition was not so much poisoned as it is today.Parents are always paranoid.They feel that if they gave freedom to their children ,they would get influenced by today's generation and would take wrong steps in their life further,but if parents give their support to their children and help them to make a space for themselves in this over populated world it would be easier for them to live without stress and tension for their children in future.

There was a lot of discrimination between girls and boys.In the olden days people thought that a girl should not be given any such kind of freedom which make them feel ashamed in front of others.Every girl should handle the household things with her mother. Boys were given the right to study but not the girls . Today the matter of fact is that women are more stronger then men and they have the capability to work day and night.Scientists have proved this fact.Today the situation is not under our control.We have to face such kind of problems.It's good to experience the things today.

In the recent graph of deaths of the children at the age of a teen,most of them are the sucidal cases,due to stress and depression.If the children were given freedom , they would directly share their personal problems with there parents. At least parents should make their children feel supportive in each and every situation.If parents support them their is nobody who can harm their children.