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No. It is not safe for them, their passengers, nor other drivers.

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Q: Should drivers be drunk?
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Why should drunk drivers be punished?


What do cops do to catch the drunk drivers?

police use a good way and should go ride with the drunk drivers

Should drunk drivers be looked away?


Should drivers who drive drunk and kill be charged with murder?

=== === yes they should because drunk drivers kill people due to the accidents they cause

Why should drivers not drink alcohol?

Drivers should not drink because they will get drunk and they will drive dangerously dont you know pppoooooooo Drivers should not drink because they will get drunk and they will drive dangerously dont you know pppoooooooo

Should drunk drivers should be locked away?

yes thay should be locked up

How should drunk drivers be punished?

picking up trash on stree

What are the statics of deaths by designed drunk drivers?

Statistics for drunk drivers can be found on MADD's website.

When was Bikers Against Drunk Drivers created?

Bikers Against Drunk Drivers was created in 1986.

Are teenagers the drunk driving problem?

Part of it. Many teenagers are drunk drivers, but there are still many drunk drivers in other age groups.

Should or should not drunk driver lose their license permanently?

Some people believe drunk drivers should lose their license permanently. Others believe they should be given another chance before this happens.

How many people were killed by drunk drivers in US?

In 2008, almost 13,000 people were killed by drunk drivers.

What is the solution of drunk driving?

1-get a designated driver2-have cheaper cabs to drive drunk drivers3-have a special bus for drunk drivers that is cheap

What are the brainstorm for drunk drivers should be jailed the first offense?

It is the leading cause in automobile deaths

When are drivers at their worst?

When tired or drunk..

Are drunk drivers usually criminals?

Since drunk driving is a crime, drunk drivers are criminals. Usually they are not professional criminals, however, but ordinary people who have the poor judgment to drive while drunk.Another View: Serial drunk drivers, who are charged over-and-over again, with numerious repeat offenses of DUI are criminals.

Who is killed by drunk driving?

Thousands of innocent people around the world are killed by drunk drivers every year. Unfortunately, the drunk drivers themselves, usually aren't killed in their own accidents.

Which state has the most drunk drivers?


Reverse the subject and verb in the sentence- Most accidental deaths are caused by drunk drivers?

Drunk drivers are the cause of most accidental dealths.

How many people die each day by drunk drivers?

people die every ten seconds from drunk drivers............ it is amazing but it is true!!!!!!!!1

According to MADD what percentage of drivers in fatal crashes were drunk?

MADD is an acronym that stands for Mothers against drunk drivers. According to MADD, in 2010 16% of all drivers involved in fatal crashes during the week were drunk. On the weekend it rose to 31%.

What damage can one person do when the're drunk?

a drunk drivers kill countless of people everyday, being drunk can cause random rants/rages that can lead to fist fighting- beer apparently gets you the worst drunk you can be and apparently champaine gets you the best but i think you should neevr be drunk

Collisions on freeways are mainly caused by?

Drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and/or loss of control.

How often do oil trucks spill?

Quite often. This is because the drivers are often drunk or high, so the answer to that is a question, How often are oil truck drivers drunk?

Most accidental deaths are caused by drunk drivers How do you reverse the order of subject and verbs to make this a sentence?

Drunk drivers cause most accidental deaths.