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They can and they will if they are still in school. It's just that more blood will appear because your more active

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This is false! Exercise makes menstrual periods easier to handle.

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Q: Should girls exercise when they have their period?
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Why should girls be more athletic?

They should get more exercise because it is healthy for them. They should get at least 30 min. of exercise per day.

Is women should not exercise during their menstrual period true?

No it is not true.

What is the scientific fact about women should not exercise during their menstrual period?

Extra physical activity tend to have increased blood loss during menstrual periods. So women should not go for exercise during menstrual period.

Why does it hurt when you have periods?

It could be that your hemoglobin levels are low, and they fall further when you lose blood during your period. Try to exercise regularly, eat healthy. Take iron supplements. All that should help...

What should girls eat to get periods?

You don't eat nothing to get your period. Your period will come at the right time

When should a girl start there period?

Girls usually get their first period between the ages of 11-15.

Should a nine year old be thinking about her period?

Most girls get their first period when their 12.5, so no.

Why do girls not get a period?

All girls get the period

Can you exercise when you are menstruating?

Yes, you can exercise during menstruating, but there are some precautions. You should avoid weight lifting and Yoga positions where you are upside down. Also you should use tampons instead of pads.

If it is close to the time your period starts should you cramp during exercise?

u should tell someone about your fellings!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolololololol

Should girls cut grass while on their period?

It won't hurt anything.

Why do some girls not get a period?

All girls get the period