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Should guys wear bikini tops?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 13:53:30

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If you like it, that's all that matters. We can't spend are time(as valuable as it is, it's the only thing we cant get back) worried about what someone else thinks or says. Thier comments won't determene your successe or failures. be free

Answeri really don't think so, but really it's a personal decision.....i guess it's all up to the guy himself to decide would be kind of funny though...
2011-09-13 13:53:30
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Q: Should guys wear bikini tops?
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Should you wear sweatpants tomorrow?

noyou should wear a bikini

Can skinny guys wear tank tops?

its a free country

What should you never wear when welding?

A bikini

What type of clothe shold you wear in the desert?

you should wear a bikini

What do females wear to show off their bodies in public when in public boys and men take their tops off to show off their strong physiques?

Usually women wear crop tops, bikini tops, and sports bras to show off their upper body.

Where should a guy wear his sisters bikini?

To the beach.

What clothing do men wear in Brazil?

night gowns and fuzzy hats they also wear slippers on occasions and any other days high heels. for a shirt they wear bikini tops

Should I a 5'1 16 year old with 38D and a large tummy wear a bikini?

If you are confident with yourself (which you should be) then you should absolutely wear the bikini!!! Only wear it if you think you look good and you want to wear it, not to impress anyone else. Everyone has a beautiful body, and I'm sure you can find a bikini that makes you look and feel sexy.

Should guys wear bikinis?

Umm... that's a pretty obvious question. No. Guys should not wear bikinis. The closest thing to a bikini that guys can get is a speedo, and those should only be worn when competing for swim. Otherwise it's just gross. Edit: It depends on where the guy is and what the styles are there, and how in-shape he is. For example, in Europe guys of all ages wear bikinis (I'm not saying they look good in them, but they do wear them) and in the USA really, seriously FIT guys in Miami often wear bikinis. As a rule: look at what the men of your age and body type are wearing in the place you will be. If they're wearing bikinis...go for it. If they're wearing board shorts -- do NOT wear the bikini!! When in doubt, look up the Undergear catalogue online...and if you don't look like those models, DON'T wear what they're wearing.

Can a boy wear the same bikini with his sister?

Possibly, but it should be a boy's bikini so he doesn't look out of place.

Should I wear a bra with yoga tops?

your choice. if you do wear a bra, wear a sports bra

What is bikini dare?


What color tops should i wear with purple?

go with white

What should I wear to a swimming party a bikini or a one piece swim suit?

Wear a one-piece swimsuit. A bikini is good only for sun-tanning or showing off.

How much do you have to weigh to wear a bikini?

To wear a bikini you can weigh either one pound or a billion! Every girl can be beautiful in a bikini!

Should guy wear bikini bottoms?

Borat yes, and nobody else

What should you wear when you go goblin hunting?

A chainmaille bikini, and leather chaps.

Should you get a bikini wax if you are on your period?

if u wear one in the first place.

Should guys wear speedos?


How has fashion changed since 1912?

The girls are way more sluttier and the guys just wear less tops.

Is it bad to wear a bikini?

No, it is not bad to wear a bikini. But, it is sunbathing without a sun-screen that is bad!

Should guys wear thongs?

They do sell them for guys, but I think its atrouciously disguesting for a guy to wear a thong.

Should you wear a string bikini to the beach with your boyfriend since you want to show off your breasts to him?

If your trying to show off your boobs yea wear a bikini. (Edit) Everybody wears a bikini, but a string bikini is an invitation to your boyfriend that everyone gets to see. Perves don't understand that the invitation is private.

What should a teenage girl wear bowling?

your mom's sweaty bikini or nothing at all

What type of clothing should you wear in spring?

For clothing in Spring I like to wear -Any type of skirt -Tank Tops -Floral -Light Jackets -Tribal Print -Tie Tops -Sleeveless Tops -Lots of Lace