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You are free to do so but one question you should ask yourself. "will your ex be comfortable to see you around". It is better to call him to inform him of your wish.

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How often should I re-paint my house?

You should repaint your house every ten years. That is the average normal cycle to repaint your house.

How often should someone shower?

At least once a day.

what does Dreaming of someone coming home means?

In dream psychology, the house represents the self often the reflection of the house in your dream are your thoughts.

How often do you sweep a chimney?

Our house has 3 chimneys. How often should we hire a chimney sweep to clean them?

How often should you clean your house?

you do it yourself why take help of internet

When renting a house should the stove be included?

It often is included, but it is not required.

How often should someone take a shower?

At least once a day!

How many times a year should house air ducts be cleaned?

My house has forced air heating. How often should the air duct cleaning be performed?

How often should someone be pooping a day?

once to twice a day is normal

How often should you milk your prostate?

as often as it feels good. you know, you could probably find someone to milk i for ya

How did Thomas Jefferson greeted people in the White House?

Thomas often answered the door to people while wearing his house slippers. What a way to greet someone!

Is house bird poop unhealthy to breathe?

it is unhealthy so you should often clean the cage.

How often should someone shower and wash there hair?

Every day or every two days.

How often are the House of Representatives elected?

how often are yhe house of representatives to be elected?

How often should you wash and wax floors in your house?

I would suggest you do it once a day in three days.

What is a limited Power of Attorney?

It is one that is specifically limited. It is often used for a specific purpose, like representing someone for the sale of a house.

Should someone tell someone that they have no reason to be depressed?

Someone should not tell someone that they have no reason to be depressed if that person is truly suffering from depression. Depression is a debilitating mental illness and often has no apparent cause. People who are depressed often don't have a reason and wouldn't be able to pinpoint one when asked either. Statements like these from a loved one could potentially worsen the depression.

How often should you use the toilet?

When you need to! It is bad for your body to wait on these things. In all seriousness, are you meaning how often should you run water through it such as a vacation house? Not sure I understand this one, and I was on such a roll!

How often should someone have there period?

between every 28-32 days is a regular cycle. S

How often should the air in your house be changed?

Every 4 hours if you want the max amount of fresh air!

How often are elections for the members of the house of representatives?

how often are elections held for the members of the house of representantives

How often should someone have a review after undergoing breast enlargement?

How often one should have a review or a follow-up visit with a doctor or surgeon after breast augmentation surgery can vary depending on each individual case. It is best to simply consult with the surgeon on how often one should have a follow-up visit.

How often should you get the air ducts in your home cleaned?

You should clean the air ducts in your house twice a year for the cleanest air possible. This can be done in summer and winter.

How often should someone eat bananas?

Never really they are full of sugar (more then a small pack of skittles) and if you listen to someone eating a a banana it sounds really gross

A large area of land often with a large house on it?

a large area of often with a large house on it