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Your insurance policy is designed to protect you and your assets. If someone else is making a claim against you for damages, even an unsubstantiated claim, your insurance company has a duty to review the details of the claim and handle accordingly. It's what you pay them for. If you were not negligent, your insurance company should determine that and notify the party making a claim against you that you are not liable for their damages. As for your own vehicle, if you don't want to file for the damages under your collision or comprehensive coverages (whichever is appropriate for the situation), you don't have to. However, if your insurance company wants to complete an estimate of your damages and take photos, you are required to comply. Part of your policy contract with the insurance company includes a section called 'Conditions' and that section states that you agree to cooperate with the investigation of all claims.

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Q: Should insurance get involved for paint scratches if the car scratched is not at fault?
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