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Should Children Have The Same Religion As Their Parents?
  • If you want children to have firm beliefs and allow spirituality into their lives, you have to let them choose. If you don't they wouldn't actually believe in it.
  • I think once the children are adults they should be able to make their own choices, but until then it's the parent's choice. I was brought up Protestant and my parents told me that I could choose my own religion once I became an adult. I did try different faiths, but have always stuck to being Protestant. The good news is, children that come from a religious faith seem to have their feet more solidly planted on the ground (rounds out their character.)
  • Here's the point of view from a 16 year old. You can't choose a religion for your kid, you can encourage one with them, like my parents, especially my mom, have done with me. You CAN'Tchoose it for them, though I do get the whole you don't want them to burn in hell thing but if you choose for them they won't really believe and it won't help them any. So, encourage but don't make them, chance are if you make them then you'll just make them resent you and the faith. I know that of all the religions I've seen that to me Christianity is the most appealing. Partially because I know that I'M making the choice NOT my parents. Also by encouraging me my mom has shown me the best of Christianity and made it come alive for me. So, let them choose because without REAL belief going to Church and calling yourself a Christian doesn't help. It may in fact do more harm for others than good (seeing a person who claims to be Christian acting like everyone else [its not just about acting nice, you got show Christ's love] is a deterrent to others from joining the faith.)
  • A parent that loves their child and trusts their religion will want their child to follow that which the parent trusts to be correct. They have every right to teach it, but they also have the responsibility of teaching tolerance and open mindedness. Which if taught correctly will allow the child the freedom and ability to choose their own religion.
  • I believe that many religions have a set of moral principals that help someone like a child construct their life. Ex: The Ten Commandments
  • As a raised Catholic turned Atheist 14 year old, I think that a parent should inform their children that while the parent believes one thing, that belief is not the only existing belief. They should allow their child to make their own decision, especially after the child has began puberty, signifying a significant mental capacity is forming/formed. In this day and age, with as much internet access as is available, a parent has little control over what information their child takes in. The information and experiences that the child takes in will eventually define and shape their true beliefs.
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Q: Should kids have the same religion as their parents or should they have a choice of what religion that they want to be?
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