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Only if you're prepared to forgive the debt with no ill will to maintain the relationship if the borrower refuses to or is unable to pay it back. In otherwords, can you afford to lose the money you are lending? Suing a family member for the debt would only cause strife in the family.

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Q: Should members within a family lend each other money?
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You need to talk to a lawyer. You should be able to contact a US Army JAG Officer (Lawyer) at a US Army post near you. Be sure to explain that you are the spouse of a US Army service member. The money that servicemembers are allowed for "family separation" is not an entitlement for the family. The money is intended to defray the costs incurred by the servicemember in keeping in contact with family members. The money is not "claimed," it is automatically added to the servicemember's pay if they have dependents or family members with military identification cards. The only thing that would come into play is if the servicemember is failing to provide for the wellbeing of minor dependents or the spouse. That would not have anything to do with the family separation pay, though.

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Is it a wise idea to secure a small cash loan from family members?

Borrowing money from family may be convenient but often puts strain on the relationship. A boat is a luxury and your family may insist that you have all your day-to-day needs looked after before you make a luxury purchase. Should you borrow money from family, make sure that you establish a fair rate of interest and develop a repayment schedule that is agreeable to both parties.

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Will you be able to pay back loans from family members with money you are about to receive from a death benefit if you file bankruptcy?

Hello, Jamison here, You should check with your lawyer, I think ALL benefits will be ciezed by the court. You may be able to get with the family and agree to be removed from the benefits AS payment.

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