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parents should DEFINENTLY correct their children or the kids might think it is fine and do it again

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2010-03-16 20:51:24
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Q: Should parents correct there children OR NOT?
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How do you address a letter to the parents of children?

how to grammatically correct address envelope "to the parents of"

Is 'both the parents' correct English?

It depends on where it is used:'Both the parents are working' is not as good as 'Both ofthe parents are working'.'Both the parents and the children had fun' is correct.

Parents should not be prosecuted for the crimes of their children?

Parents should only be prosecuted if they influenced their children wrongly

Why do children consider their parents heroes?

Children consider their parents heroes because their parents always look out for them, and when they are doing the wrong things parents could correct them and tell them its wrong.

What do you think about the suggestion that advertising (or sale) of junk food to children should be restricted?

The diet of their children should be the responsibility of the parents of the children. If parents cannot control what their children are eating, they are not being good parents.

Is this the correct spelling of children's toys or childrens' toys?

The correct one should be children's toys.

Parents should not tell their children what to do after they are 16?

No parents should stop telling there children waht to do after there 16 because the adults after 16. yes parents should stop telling there children waht to do after there 16 because the adults after 16.

Should parents smack there children?


Should children be forced to work by their parents?


Should parents be involved in the marriage of their children?


Should parents support their children or not?

Yes of course, parents are only person that can support their own children but if their children is have a work they can survive even there's no support from their parents.

Why parents should choose career for their children?

yes,parents should choose career for their children because pa5rents are those who had born up and brought up their children , parents are the most important and plays a vital role in their children"s life.If parents gives all of their life to their children then why children's cannot a chance to their parents to choose their career as parents also have some dream towards their children. idea by Sashi Kala Rai

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