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I had 4 teeth pulled out when I needed braces. DO NOT DO IT! Your face will never be the same when they come off. Your cheeks will sink in and your whole mouth will be pushed back and you will have a much more narrow smile, and your nose will appear to be bigger. Now I finally found a Doctor Who is putting back in my 4 teeth and pulling everything forward and widening my smile. His name is Dr. William Hang...he is amazing! He is well worth the cost!

I got 9 teeth removed - my third molars, my bicuspids and one impacted tooth.

Smile, you'll be fine!

Find a oral surgeon and orthodontist that specializes in sleep dentistry and get a second and a third opinion. You won't be able to get them back. I had my bicuspids removed when I was 15 to make "room" and correct an over jet. I am now 32 and suffered from severe sleep apnea and the reduced oral cavity caused by this barbaric practice was a contributing factor to my condition. To improve the situation I had to undergo tongue and throat surgery and be out of work a week in severe pain, and it's still only 90% improved. Other people that have small mouths and develop severe sleep apnea have to undergo extreme lengthy, and painful two-year-long procedures and multiple surgeries to reverse the damage that was only made worse by tooth extraction to "look better".

The latest clinical data shows that extraction can aggravate sleep apnea later in life, but not all dentists review or work with the latest data. There are many other ways to get pretty looking teeth that do not involve reducing the oral cavity via extraction, yes some of it requires jaw surgery, and longer / more expensive treatment by more experienced and higher trained dentists and oral surgeons.

Sleep dentistry is a specialty, not all dentists and oral surgeons are the same. If your dentist/oral surgeon treats people for sleep apnea regularly I would listen to them, but if you ask them and they dispute the latest findings or don't know about the latest clinical data I would seriously recommend you reconsider if they are the right dentist for you.

Think about it before you do this... we used to drill holes into people's skulls and let them bleed because we thought it improved mental illness... and that was "clinically" the right thing to do at one time.

I disagree with the answer below this one. If you have a small jaw, your teeth are probably crowded, so if you get teeth removed, your teeth will then shift into place. I suggest listening to the dentist. I had to get 2 teeth pulled, and it didn't hurt at all! I got laughing gas and a freezing needle though. Don't let anyone tell you to not listen to your dentist. He/she knows what there doing!

My advice is that, if at all possible, try to keep all of your teeth especially if you have a small jaw.

You will need all of your teeth to keep your lips up. See if there is some way to widen your jaw instead if your jaws are small!

It doesn't happen to all patients; however, when teeth are pulled there is definitely a risk of the remaining teeth "dishing in." I know, this happened to me. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Patients in which this happens have a flat look to their face, their lips drop, their profile looks awkward, and their nose sometimes appears larger. (Less mouth -- other features appear larger.)

I had straight teeth, but I had a bad bite. Appearance wise, I looked fine. Actually, I once liked it. My orthodontist pulled four teeth to correct my bite, and to this day I still cannot get used to my appearance.

Now that I am getting older, I especially realize how important my teeth are in holding everything up, and now I have less to do so with. I am looking for an orthodontist to open up the spot where the teeth were pulled and I am going to try to replace the missing teeth if possible.

It is very common to have two teeth on the top and two on the bottom removed. They are the bicuspids. You actually have two sets on the top and two on the bottom. They are removed if they person has a small jaw. It isn't required for everyone. If you are unsure about having them removed, have a second opinion done. Most dentists who put the braces on will give you a free first visit to see what needs to be done. It won't hurt anything if he does need to have them removed. It will actually help his smile look better. But, like I said not everyone has to have it done.

I had 4 teeth removed when I had braces years ago. The reason was because there was overcrowding in my mouth, and in order to get the remaining teeth to align themselves with the braces, they had to remove some teeth to make room.

Braces should really not require removing 4 teeth. What exactly wrong with you? I personally wouldn't do that. Find a way to keep them at all costs, or get two more ortho's to look at you.

I just got my braces last week. A couple of days before I got my separators put in, the ortho said that he should remove 4 of my teeth. I said "are you crazy I'm not having any teeth pulled out," and now I have my braces in, and no teeth were in need of removing.

Only certain people have to remove 4 teeth to get braces, most likely the bicuspids. Everyone is born with 8 bicuspids in total, TWO in each side of the mouth. Your second bicuspid is located beside your first molar. If a person has overcrowded teeth then the orthodontist may decide to remove the second bicuspids from each side to make more room for the front sets of teeth in order to evenly space and straighten each one. The reason for removing the second bicuspids is because orthodontists always try not to remove any of your original six teeth in the front (top and bottom).

I had 5 teeth pulled out when I have braces. It was painful at first, but then it healed really fast. If you need to get it pulled out, just listen to the doctor. After all, he is the professional. My teeth are looking nice now!

I had to remove 2 teeth before I got the braces on. I got really mad that I had to remove two perfect teeth, but then the doctor told me that it was for the best. I understood that. After you see the results and the ladies start coming, you'll forget all about it...

I know this may sound strange, but I had 8 teeth removed for my braces. I'm not sure if that's the most accurate term for it since they actually pulled them after I got the braces on. My dentist and orthodontist both told me I have a small mouth, and there's no way I could keep all my teeth. When they pulled the teeth, it hurt really bad because I was awake. Since I was just in fourth grade at the time, some of the teeth they wanted to remove had not grown in yet. Still, they wanted to get them out so that my teeth could straighten quicker. So they dug them out. I may be a strange case since my mouth is really tiny and I got my braces so early in life, but I thought maybe this would put some perspective on having 4 teeth taken out.

Do not get your teeth removed. Trust me it happened to me and my mouth has never been the same. The Dr said it would take less time 2 years instead of 4 years and i went for it. I think it was just a money grab he makes more money by removing your teeth because it makes the job easier for him. It is less complicated for him because he has more room to make the adjustment. It will give you a narrow smile and will change the bone structure of your face. Your face will sag in the process, it also takes me forever to chew my food. If your dentist agrees, you known that he will make money for removing your teeth. It cost me 800.00 dollars to get my teeth removed. If anything, I hope your Dr isn't Dr. V. Wallace Kuzmicz.

Jayseanfan: I got four teeth taken off. But it depends. My teeth were HORRIBLE before I got my braces two years ago.

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Q: Should putting in braces require removing 4 teeth?
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