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You can do it either way. The shell is edible and in fact some folks like the shells (and some distinctly do NOT). This depends most on your guests' tastes -- there are great recipes either way.

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Is shrimp a shellfish?

Yes, a shrimp is a shellfish as it has a hard outer shell.

Is shrimp a shell fish?

Yes, shrimp is considered to be a shell fish. However, there are two different types of shellfish. Shrimp is a crustacea shellfish. There are also shellfish that are in the mollusks family.

Is it safe to eat a shrimp shell?

No, because you can choke on the shell of the shrimp. You do get a lot of the flavor, actually you get all of the flavor. But it's still no good for you.

What type of fish is shrimp?

Shell Fish

Is shrimp a crustacean?

yes they are because they have a shell

When you freeze steamed shrimp do you leave it in the shell?


Is it bad to eat the shell of a shrimp?


Is a shrimp an invertebrate or vertebrate?

The shrimp is an invertebrate. It is supported by its shell, which is an exoskeleton. It does not have any bones inside of it.

How can you tell if raw shrimp are bad?

If the meat does not fit in the shell, if the shells are spotted with black or the meat appears discolored. This does not include tiger shrimp, which naturally have a dark shell with black stripes. As well, if the body of the shrimp is mangled or ripped, or if the shrimp smell of iodine or ammonia.

Which part of the shrimp is eaten?

the eyes, shell and antenna

What crustacean has a see through shell?

Ghost shrimp

What is a structural adaptation for a mantis shrimp?

Their Claws or their shell.

What are facts about brine shrimp?

brine shrimp belong to a group called crustaceans. have a hard outer shell

Are shrimp considered shellfish?

Shrimp are considered shellfish. Like lobsters, shrimp have a tough shell that surrounds their bodies, providing both protection and support.

How can you tell if fresh shrimp is spoiled?

ANSWER:The shell will become soft.

Name a water animal with a shell?

a crab or a shrimp or a snail

Are shrimp coruscations?

yes because they are born with a hard shell

Is shrimp shell become bigger as they grow?

Nope... They have to shed their outer shell periodically - in order to grow.

What should happen when a egg has its shell carefully removed and is then placed in salt water?

if there is enough salt, the egg should float

How much does a shrimp weigh?

Well it depends what type of shrimp but most shrimp are light unless they have a thick shell or are fat. Most are 1-2 pounds.

Is crustacean a shrimp?

all sea creatureswith a hard shell are called crustatians, so yes a shrimp is also a crustatian.

How are hermit crabs like shrimp?

They are both crustacean's, which means they have a shell.

What makes the shell hard to get off on steamed shrimp?

It's the cellophane.

Can you freeze boiled shrimp?

Shelled, cooked shrimp: Wash in salted water after removing heads; drain; cook in boiling water for 10 minutes; cool thoroughly; shell and remove dark veins if this was not done when heads were removed; rinse, drain, and cool. Package, label, and freeze. Cooked shrimp may toughen slightly during storage.

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