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If your vehicle has a timing belt and not a chain, you need to replace it immediately. My distributor made the same ticking noise and it turned out to be the timing belt had a frayed piece on it and this piece was the source of the noise. Before I could figure it out, the belt broke and left me stranded on the roadside.

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Q: Should the distributor make a ticking noise?
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Why would an old van make a ticking noise when the van is turned off and stop when you turn on the ignition or the lights and also it will not start?

The ticking noise is the metal cooling.

What causes engine ticking noise on a 2006 Toyota Avalon?

The fuel injectors make the ticking noise you hear at startup, especially when the engine is cold (colder temperatures).

Why does your 1992 buick lesabre make a loud ticking noise?

there is a rattling noise in the area of the serpentine bell

Why does your computer make a rapid ticking noise?

If you are loading a Cd-rom,or a program.

What would make a ticking noise when you reach 2500 rpms?

well it sounds like your lifters are ticking The connecting rods screaming LET ME OUT!!!

Why would a 97 jeep Cherokee Laredo make a ticking noise when accelarated and in gear it doesnt make the noise when it is in park?

horses make neighing sounds

What could cause your car to make a ticking noise when you turn it on?

you may have a bent valve

Why do my brakes on a 97 dodge ram make a ticking noise when I apply them?

Its not your brakes making the noise. Most liklly your CV joint is warn out.

What would make a loud ticking noise coming from the engine of a 350 Chevy but stops when you turn the wheel?

98 Chevy new 383 block 30k, ticking noise from sounds like heads . 210k on heads;

Why does my Tahoe make a ticking noise until I hit about 40 mph?

== == Could be a pebble stuck in the tread of one of your tires.The ticking noise only appears to disappear because the tone or pitch of the noise gets higher with speed to the point at which it is undetectable to the human ear.

What kind of noise does a bad wheel bearing make?

ticking and/or clunking...if you hear it, it's too late.

Why does your 2006 Kia Optima make a ticking noise?

Well if its sort of like a scratchy noise coming from the engine you might want to get your transmission checked out

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