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supremacy clause- federal law ranks supreme over state laws

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Q: Should the federal government be able to override state policies?
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What should the federal government do to help people who are unemployed?

The federal government should implement employment creation policies like road and bridge construction. Also, the government should have unemployment funds and food stamps available for people who are unemployed.

Why did Lester Maddox speak out against the civil rights act of 1964?

Answer this question… D. He felt that the federal government should not be able to control business policies.

When should it be ok for a state government to overrule the federal government?

It isn’t ok for state government to overrule a federal government. The federal is above the state.

Can a motion override another motion?

Motions can absolutely override other motions. For example, should the Government of Canada lose a budget vote (which would be an expression of non-confidence in the Government), the Government may propose a motion of confidence, which if passed would override the effect of the lost budget vote. (It would not revive the bill, but would prevent the defeat of the Government.) Motions of confidence always override motions of non-confidence.

Where Utilitarianism held that government policies should promote?


What was the idea that the federal government should not control there own affairs?

We should have the authority and power too!Just like the Federal Government.

Parties arose during the presidency of George Washington and were sharply divided on the issue of what?

How powerful the federal government should be

Who believed that a strong central government was necessary for the survival of the nation?

Generally, the people in charge of the central government. The people who think the regional governments should have more power tend to be the people in charge of the regional governments. Funny how that works out.

Who should be held accountable for not upholding federal immigration laws?

The Federal Government.

The decision to complete the Louisiana purchase was unexpected party because president Jefferson believed that?

the federal government should be limited in power

Who should have the final say over lands currently under federal control the states or federal government?


Who should have final say over lands currently under federal control the states or the federal government?