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We should have the authority and power too!Just like the Federal Government.

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Q: What was the idea that the federal government should not control there own affairs?
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Who should have the final say over lands currently under federal control the states or federal government?


Who should have final say over lands currently under federal control the states or the federal government?


Critics of the tennesse valley authority argued that the federal government should?

allow local and state authorities to manage their own affairs

When should it be ok for a state government to overrule the federal government?

It isn’t ok for state government to overrule a federal government. The federal is above the state.

Did the north or south people think that the federal government should not be able to make final decisions about states affairs?

States' rights were very important to the South, who believed that the fed government definitely should NOT be able to finalize decisions about states' affairs. Each state is soverign and should have the right to make its own decisions in regard to its own affairs. The refusal of the union to recognize these rights led indirectly to the War between the States, 1861-1865.

How did Jefferson chart a new course for the government?

Jefferson thought his election as the " Revolution of 1800. " Jefferson's first goal as President was limit the federal government's power over states and citizens. The new President thought that under Washington and Adams the Federal government had become too involved in economic affairs. He believed the idea of laissez faire from French term for "Let alone. Laissez faire means that the government should not interfere in the economy.

Why should the federal government control immigration policy?

Because they are the only overall governmental authority capable of enforcing those laws NATIONWIDE.

What were the strengths and weaknesses of the new government in confederation?

The_strengths_and_weaknesses_of_the_confederation_governmentif it had been in a smaller area where a Federal government was less necessary and indeed would have been beneficial to have a small central government, perhaps it could have functioned, but in a country like the US the popular belief is that the federal government should have more power.

Parties arose during the presidency of George Washington and were sharply divided on the issue of what?

How powerful the federal government should be

What were Benjamin Franklin's views on National verses State power?

Benjamin Franklin believed in a federalist government. This means he thought each state should be under the full control of the federal government.

Who should be held accountable for not upholding federal immigration laws?

The Federal Government.

The decision to complete the Louisiana purchase was unexpected party because president Jefferson believed that?

the federal government should be limited in power