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== Lighter, just opinion. == A darker foundation or "base" would work better. Do a quick drawing and check it out if you can't visualize it. From the ground up, it gets lighter, and that's a more "natural" progression.

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Is the amount of siding for a house volume or surface area or perimeter?

-- If you use the house to store a truckload of siding inside, then it's volume. -- If you cover the outside of the house with siding, then it's surface area. -- If you lay pieces of siding on the ground all around the foundation, then it's perimeter.

How does weather affect cedar siding?

The appearance of cedar siding that has been allowed to weather naturally will vary, depending on the climate. A very dry climate will cause the siding to turn a silver-grey color. However, a climate with more moisture will cause the siding to weather unevenly, with darker grey blotches appearing.

Should windows be installed in framing before sheathing or siding?

Windows should be installed after sheathing and before siding.

How do you remove very old rawhide stain from cedar siding?

You re-stain with a darker stain. Good luck.

Can you paint aluminum siding?

You can paint your siding. First you should clean the siding thoroughly making sure that you completely rinse the cleaning solution from the siding. If your siding has any damage you should use a primer. The oil-based primer should be thinned with one pint of paint thinner for each gallon of primer used. You should also check if your siding is aluminum or galvanized steel. that would determine if you should use an oil based or latex paint.

Why do people use fiber cement siding?

It is an exterior, or interior, siding that can be used for your house. It is not susceptible to termites or rot, so it is better than wood siding. It is also fire-resistant. However, the lighter forms often need to be protected from impact.

Can you x-ray through plywood siding to see if foundation bolts are properly installed?


Where can one purchase an aluminum siding brake?

Aluminum siding brakes are a very important part of bikes. If the siding brake on one's bike should break, they definitely should make it a priority to replace it.

Can you paint vinyl siding?

Not recommended. It's hard to stick to and it expands and contracts easily. Indeed, you can paint vinyl siding. Use a 100% acrylic paint no darker than the vinyl siding that you are painting (to avoid warping). Acrylic paint expands and contracts more than vinyl siding, so as long as it is applied to a clean surface, it will adhere for many years.

What is the best color of Hardy Plank siding to go with?

Generally a lighter color is better because it absorbs less heat so you home will stay cooler. Hardy Plank is low to no maintenance siding.

How do you use siding in a sentence?

You should contact the neighborhood owners association before you change the color of the siding on your house.

Can you paint over vinyl siding?

Yes, use a 100% acrylic paint. To avoid warping, don't paint it darker than it already is.

Siding is 8 inches by 144 inches aera to have siding is 2064 square feet how many pieces of siding do you have to have?

258 pcs. Add at least 10 %. You should have 300 pcs.

What company should I get siding materials from?

There are many different types of siding available. You need evaluate which type of siding best suits your needs. Once you have decided on a type of siding, check out consumer rating services to find the best brand that fits your budget.

A home owner should get at least 5 quotes before deciding on a siding contractor. ?

A home owner should get at least 5 quotes before deciding on a siding contractor.

Can acrylic paint be used on vinyl?

No, it won't stick very well. However, a 100% acrylic paint will adhere very well to vinyl siding. Just insure that the paint you are using is no darker than the original color of the vinyl siding to avoid warpage.

Home Siding Options?

Home siding installation can be an inexpensive means of maintaining and beautifying one's home. There are several options for the type of siding an individual can choose, from vinyl siding to more traditional wood siding. One's choice in siding will depend on the individual's budget and needs for the home. Vinyl siding is inexpensive and easily maintained, while wood or clapboard siding is more elegant and can give a home a more traditional look. Families should consider many factors in choosing home siding, including their budget and the look they are hoping to create.

House Siding?

form_title= House Siding form_header= Install new siding in your home. Does your existing siding need to be removed?*= () Yes () No Do you want vinyl siding?*= () Yes () No WHat is your budget for new siding?*= _ [50] What color siding do you want to install?*= _ [50]

Vinyl Siding Colors?

form_title= Vinyl Siding Colors form_header= Install vinyl siding on your home. Do you need to remove old siding?*= () Yes () No What color do you want the siding?*= _ [50] What is your budget for siding?*= _ [50]

How do you replace repair vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is easily replaced if the contractor has left you some siding. In most cases if the contractor hasn't left you any siding, the siding may be very hard to obtain. Most companies discontinue the siding so you have to replace the whole house this is how they make there money. If you have a couple extra pieces of siding, there is a tool commonly known as the zip tool. It usually has a p shape on the end of it, you slip it under the bottom of the lock of the siding and slide it across this should unlock the vinyl. What you want to do after that is pop out the nails with a flat bar, this should free the peice of vinyl from the house. When you are re-installing the siding make sure you grab the right size roofing nails to re-sucure it.

Vinyl Siding?

form_title= Vinyl Siding form_header= Protect your home with vinyl siding! Do you want horizontal or vertical siding?*= () Horizontal () Vertical Do you currently have vinyl siding?*= () Yes () No What color do you want the siding?*= _ [50]

Is plastic siding cheeper than vinyl siding?

There the same thing. Vinyl siding is a PVC plastic resin siding.

What is the price of crane vinyl siding?

It depends on which company you go through. But the best vinyl siding from Crain should run between $500 and $750 a sq.

Tips for Installing Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is the perfect way to help protect your home. Many homeowners want to ensure that outside of their house is protected with the best possible materials. However, they are unaware of an easy tip for installing vinyl siding. Many homeowners place nails too closely to their home when installing their vinyl siding. Homeowners should ensure that they keep their siding nails placed properly or their siding may rip off during severe weather. Homeowners who properly place their siding nails will not have to have new siding installed after a strong storm.

Where do I get vinal siding that matches my current aged vinal siding?

If you go to any hardware store they should be able to help you. ex. lowes or you could got ta website that sells vinal siding. you could even asked your neighbors