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It varies with different machines. There usually is a picture (icon) on the feed chute to tell you the right way to feed the paper. Typically the paper faces down.

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Q: Should the paper be face up or down when sending a fax?
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Should the paper be face up or down?

On the document feeder, there is an icon that shows whether to insert the fax face up or face down. If it shows an open piece of paper, then it is face up. If it shows a piece of paper with the top corner folded over showing a bit of writing folded over, then it is face down. As for the printer paper, this shouldn't matter which direction it is facing, as it should be blank.

Do you put paper to fax face up or face down?

face up

How do you lay outgoing fax on hp 640 fax machine?

There should be a small icon on the document feeder that shows whether the paper should be face up or face down. If that icon shows face up, put the outgoing transmission face up, if it shows face down, put the outgoing transmission face down.

Is faxed paper face up or down?


Which way to face the writing when faxing a document?

usually where you place the paper, there is a little icon that how the paper should be faced. in any of the fax machines I've ever used, the print is always face down.

Do you place paper in the up or down position to fax?

If the question is about "Face up or face down" then there is a small icon resembling a piece of paper with a folded over corner on the fax machine. The paper should be facing in the direction of the written side of the paper on the icon. If the question is about "top up or top down" then the best choice is to have the top part of the paper be scanned first as it goes into the machine.

When using a fax machine do the paper face up or down?

upAnswerMost fax machines load paper facing up. Also, you can refer to the icon beside the paper feeder which will show you how should you feed the paper.

Fax paper which way?

usually you fax it face down

Do y0u put paper in fax machine face up or face down?

It depends on the model of fax machine you're using. On most fax machines, there will be an icon where the paper goes in showing you whether the paper goes face up or face down, as well as the direction it is supposed to facing in.

Does paper face up or down when faxing on epson workforce 325?

Through the document feeder: Face up, top edge first. Through the glass: face down On every machine there is a small icon/symbol that represents a piece of paper with writing on it with a small corner folded over. That icon shows you which way the paper should be facing when it goes on the document feeder.

Does the info on the paper face up or down?

in faxs machines ahmed

Which way to you put the paper to fax something?

Usually face down

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