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Should underdeveloped countries be given free or reduced cost medications?


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It sounds nice in theory but has been a problem in practice. Most underdeveloped countries are underdeveloped due to corruption. Countries that have wiped out corruption have become developed. Developed countries such as Argentina and Venezuela, which were among the richest in the world, are becoming undeveloped through corruption. Cuba which was also one of the richest countries in the world became one of the poorest. Giving medications to the governments has resulted in their sale on the open market. They have not benefitted the people of those countries. There would need to be a mechanism to go around the government and get to the people. There would also need to be a way to pay the drug companies. The drugs should be purchased in large wholesale lots at a reduced rate. To force a particular company or set of companies to make a product and give it away would be the same as adding an additional tax on a particular set of companies.