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Q: Should you adopt a puppy from a friend that told you the puppy just went through parvo?
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Parvo is in your ground should you give it a parvo shot?


Should I put my puppy to sleep if he has parvo?


What to do when a dog has parvo?

Parvo is a very serious illness and if your dog has that he/she should be taken to the vet as quickly as possible.

How can humans give a dog parvo?

Parvo is caught by inhaling, eating, bacteria from poo. You should give all puppies their full set of vaccinations, parvo is really dangerous and unless you want your puppy to die you should give it its vaccinations

Can horses get parvo?

no, horses can't get parvo, parvo is a disease that puppies get.

Should a female dog be spayed if she had the parvo virus?

You should ask your vet to remove the Parvo Virus then yes, you should spay your dog it will make her live longer,happier, and more active!

How do you pronounce parvo in spanish?


Can humans get parvo from cats?

no humans can not get parvo, its not true but any animal can get parvo

How do humans get parvo?

Humans can get parvo by touching an area where parvo is and touching their mouths or eyes

Will a puppy live through parvo?

If properly medicated and taken very good care of.

How do cats get parvo?

In animals, parvo passes from an infected mother to her offspring. Parvo is highly contagious. Most animals with Parvo will die before 6 weeks old.

Is parvo the same as heart worm?

No, parvo is a virus, not a worm.

Can Horses Catch Parvo Disease?

No, horses do not contract parvo.

Can guinea pigs catch parvo?

No. Only canorives can get parvo.

Does parvo vaccine make dog contagious?

No, vaccination with the parvo vaccine does not cause parvo virus and does not make a dog contagious.

How do you save your dog from parvo?

You save your dog from Parvo by vaccinating your dog against Parvo plus all the other nasty diseases & viruses out there. Should start the vaccines (DHLP/Parvo) as a pup around 6-8 weeks of age and continue on for 2 more vaccinations about 2 -3 weeks apart and then a booster at a year old. Take your dog in for a complete exam as a pup and let your Veterinarian guide you through all that is needed to have a healthy happy dog.

Can humans give dogs parvo?

Yes. Humans can transmit parvo if they have come in contact with it. Dog parvo doesn't make people sick, but if your dog has parvo, and you touch another dog who is not vaccinated, that dog will also have parvo. Parvo can survive on surfaces for 12 months and only bleach will kill it. If you carried your dog with parvo, then the clothes you were wearing also carries parvo unless you bleach them. If your dog vomits on your carpet, that spot is infected with parvo for 12 months, unless you bleach that area. Even the part of the yard where it uses the bathroom will be infected with parvo for a year.

Can animals and small rodents get parvo?

The above answer is totally incorrect-It is IMPOSSIBLE to catch parvo from another species! Cats cannot get parvo. They can catch what is called Feline Distemper which is like parvo, but it only happens in cats, they cannot catch it from anything else besides cats, and it is not actually parvo. Same thing with Rodents- rodents can catch something that is "like" parvo but it is not the actual parvo virus.To sum this up only canines can get parvo.

What are the long term effects of parvo virus?

IF the dog recovers at all, it should be fine.

Can dogs survive parvo?

If caught in time and with the proper medical treatment, it is possible for a dog to survive having parvo. My 14 year old lab contracted parvo as a puppy. Luckily, we caught it in time. It took a strict regimen of care and medication but she pulled through with no ill effects.

Is there a shot for treating Parvo?

Yes, dogs can be vaccinated against the parvo virus.

Is parvo contageous?

yes parvovirus is an infectious virus that both dogs and cats can get. It is spread through feces

Can a male who had parvo pass parvo sexually?

Parvo is highly contagious. So if the infected dog was near a dog that wasn't vaccinated against parvo, it is possible to infect the healthy dog whether it was sexual contact or not.

Can you get parvo from your dog?


Can dogs get parvo from cats?

Parvo is highly contagious. My dog just recently passed from parvo, and the parvo will remain a danger in our yard for 6 months to a year. If i walk around my yard then go to a frind's house who has a puppy and that puppy smells the floor I walked on with my parvo infected shoes, that puppy is in danger of contracting parvo.