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It is just as much a fad as it was in the 60's and 70's. Letting him be who he thinks he is or envisions himself to be is harmless in this way, and he will probably outgrow it soon. keeping him from expressing himself in this relatively harmless way may bring on more offensive attempts at self expression or rebellion. Pick your battles and let him win when it is this way, you will find that you have a stronger position on important issues because you gave on this one, he wont feel as if he is being smothered or controlled and you can save your energy for more important issues like piercings or tattoos that are more permanent.


Honestly, I think boys and girls should each have roles and forms of dress that are uniquely theirs. I would discourage my children from violating society's gender roles unless of course society's roles violate deep principles. That said, it is just hair, and if a child wants to dress a certain way, that is better than it turning into a fetish later. Also, society's roles vary with time. There was a time when all children were made to wear female hairstyles and wear hair bows. Then there was the ritual of "breeching" where boys reached a certain age and were finally allowed to dress as men. That custom is very rare these days, though not unheard of.

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Q: Should you allow your son to wear his hair long like a girl?
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