James Maslow

James Maslow (born July 16, 1990) is an American actor, singer, and dancer. He is best known for his role as James Diamond on the Nickelodeon show, Big Time Rush.

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James Maslow

What kind of cell phone does James Maslow have?

Motorola Quench

He's not old...

Actually he has an iPhone 4/4s

James Maslow
Avenged Sevenfold

Is Avenged Sevenfold black metal?

No, Avenged Sevenfold is not black metal. In their earlier albums they were metalcore, and their latest albums have been hard rock and heavy metal.

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James Maslow

What is the real Facebook of James Maslow?

James Maslow said it his self he doesn't have a Facebook an interview. James only has a twitter and a FACEBOOK PAGE. THAT IS IT. The facebooks out there are fakes even though it says "real celebrity" "verified account" it's not true they are fake. Even I experienced it no one treats their fan in a rude way if they don't believe in them.

James Maslow

Does James Maslow have a cat or a dog?

he currently has a dog. its an Alaskin ki klee named fox

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Taylor Swift
James Maslow

What voice type is James Taylor?

In a male vocal ensemble, James Taylor would most likely sing tenor 1.

James Maslow

Where did you get your info that James Maslow is dating Erin Sanders?

They are not dating, they just kissed on one episode of the show. Then Logan finds out. Poor Logan they are not dating if they are i will kill to go out with him

James Maslow

Has James Maslow have a girlfriend?

Trust me you might think he has one but he DOES NOT have a girlfriend

James Maslow

Do girls like long hair on men?

It's an opinion question so it depends on the girl you're asking and the type of long hair. For me, I think long hair (except for flippy hair <3) is a little feminine, but that's just what I think.

i am so sorry if you have long hair because i hate it but that's me other girls like it.so i cant say.

James Maslow

What is mother's maiden name of James Maslow?


James Maslow

Does James Maslow date fans?

I don't think so

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Ford Mondeo
James Maslow

I own a Auto 2002 Mondeo Duratorq 2.0L TDCi which keeps cutting out why It has been in the Ford Garage 3 times for diagnostics but failed to show up anything It is dangerous being an Auto?

HI , LOOK ON WWW.HONESTJOHN.CO,UK MORE THAN LIKELY IT IS THE CAM SENSOR COST ABOUT 16 POUNDS Easy instructions for changing the Cam sensor are at: http://www.pc-point.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3 If it is a black sensor then it should be changed with the new grey one. Costs about £18 from ford dealer.

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James Maslow

Is James Roday dating anyone?

He is dating the actress who plays Juliet on his series, "Psych".

James Roday is yes, dating the girl who plays Juliet on "Psych", but her name is Maggie Lawson! They have been together for a long time..almost a year I believe!! Psych at 10/9 pm central only on USA (Now on Wednesday!

Brakes and Tires
James Maslow

What is ABS?

ABS stands for "Anti-lock Braking System". It is used on modern cars and vans to help drivers maintain control of the vehicle during hard braking. It works by not letting the wheels "lock up" and stop traction.

  • AdditionAdded 5/2/09:

Also, Anti-Lock brakes automatically "pump" the brakes for you, as necessary. That's why brake experts & your vehicle's owner manual will tell you DO NOT pump your brakes. It's absolutely uncalled for; that is, for the newer vehicles that come with ABS. On the older cars, before Anti-locking Brake Systems were made, pumping your brakes was the good & proper thing to do.

James Maslow

How do you grow your hair like James Maslow?

you can go to an hair store and buy hair or get some hair growth stuff

James Maslow

Does James Maslow write with his left hand?

James Maslow of Big Time Rush writes with his right hand.

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James Maslow
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How old is Herbert James Munro?

He died in December 1978

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James Maslow

What is a mezzanine ABS CDO?

A CDO is a collateralized debt obligation, a security whose principal and interest are repaid by the cash flows generated by a portfolio of assets (usually loans and bonds). The portfolio of assets is the collateral and it is usually in the balance sheet of a separate entity, called special purpose vehicle, which has the CDO as its only liability and the assets in the portfolio as its only assets. ABS CDO is a CDO whose portfolio is comprised of ABS (asset backed securities). A CDO is subject to credit risk, because some of the assets in the portfolio might not generate the expected cash flows (when the underlying credits go into default). Often, the CDO is tranched in tranches of different seniority, which have different priority in absorbing the eventual losses. The equity tranche, the less senior, absorbs the first losses (if there are any). Then comes the mezzanine. Finally come the senior tranches.

James Maslow

What kind of girls does James Maslow like?

fun,funny,sweet,and romantic girls who are confident.

James Maslow

Does James maslow have a scar on his elbow?

Yes, James Maslow has a scar on his elbow that he got from an injury while performing a hockey stunt for Big Time Rush

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James Maslow
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Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Does James Rossiter have a girlfriend?

Does it really matter try his website it my be posted there but I doubt it.


James Maslow

Does James Maslow off of big time rush have a girlfriend?

No he doesn't. He's currently single.

James Maslow

Is James Maslow Catholic?

no hes Jewish

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James Maslow
Bruno Mars
Niall Horan

How do you know if you love your sister or brother?

If you know that if they were gone forever no way to ever see them again and you'd miss them beyond belief if they were'nt there. You know you love them. Think of what it be like without them. Not all the bad times but the good ones....almost everyone loves there siblings even if its hidden.

James Maslow

What kind of car does James Maslow have?

tesco truck :D He loves it!

James Maslow

Does James Maslow have a dog?

Yes does. His name is falka


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