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YES absolutly whithout a dout! trust IS the key to my opinion the only thing this person "the lier"could do to save any hope of happyness in the partnership is professional help(counsuling)but if they are not willing to then get rid of him start over and dont ever lie to your partner

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โˆ™ 2005-09-25 17:16:18
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Q: Should you be angry that your boyfriend lied to you about having an ex-wife?
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Why is your ex boyfriend having angry and jealous feelings towards your guy friends?

The ex boyfriend would probably want you back.

What should you do when your boyfriend is angry at you and you have no idea why?

I think If your boyfriend Is mad at you for no reason break-up with him.

Why does your boyfriend get angry when you are angry?

Maybe because he hates to see you angry.

What should you do your boyfriend got angry with you?

If a boyfriend is angry it is best not to start yelling and screaming but to speak softly or to give them space if they ask for it. If the person has done something wrong they may want to explain why they did what they did or apologize.

What should you think when a boyfriend asks for money and gets angry when you say no?

you should think he only want you for money

Is it okay for a boyfriend to get in his girlfriend's face when he is angry?

In a word, No. If a girl feels threatened by her boyfriend then the boyfriend is guilty of a form of domestic abuse. The whole point of having a girlfriend is so the guy has someone he can love, trust and enjoy spending time with. If the guy was angry, his girlfriend is the last person whose face he should be getting in (I don't know if that's the right expression or not, but what they hell).

Should you be angry if another girl's stuff is in boyfriend's house?

if your dating and her stuff is in someone elses house yeah you should be mad.

How do you deal with angry ex boyfriend?

You do not deal with an angry boyfriend. You must leave angry people out of your life if you want to have peace. An angry person is not a good person. There are many people in this world worthy of your time and love and an angry person is not one of them. Leave him.

If your boyfriend gets mad because you bring your computer to bed should you stop?

well yes if he is angry

What should you do if you slept with your daughter's boyfriend?

Tell your daughter and pray that she doesn't hate you, but gets angry at him instead.

How do you get your boyfriend to forgive you?

I called my boyfriend name he was very upset and angry with me. I did apologise to him and I said that I did not mean it. He still angry with me. What can I do to make him forgive me?

Why your boyfriend gets angry when you take picture with your boy mates?

YOur boyfriend probably feels jealous or think something going on between u and ur boy mates, but he should trust you.

Should you tell your boyfriend that your friends think he is a player?

well can but if he gets angry just say '' but i totally don't believe them and laugh ''

Why are you always angry at your boyfriend?

beause he is making me mad at him

What can you do when your boyfriend angry with you what do you say to him?

I will beg him,sorry my dear

How do you act after cheating on you boyfriend?

I act like so angry..

How do you get your boyfriend to stop smoking marijuana?

if your boyfriend really loves you and cares about you,he should understand the concern you feel for him when he smokes pot,its understandable to be angry with him,but if he isn't pushing it on you or its not affecting your relationship,maybe you should let him carry on with his smoking,you never know he may get sick of it.

What do you do when your boyfriend is mad because you went out?

If you were on a date with another guy he should be mad. If you were with friends he has no right to get angry. You are allowed to have fun with your friends. He is not your master. you are not his slave

How do you get your boyfriend to not get angry when you are not in the mood for sex?

If your boyfriend loves and respects you he should understand that you're not always going to be in the mood. Don't let him pressure you. If you feel comfortable doing something else, like giving him a handjob, do, but otherwise tell him another time and he should respect that.

What to do if your boyfriend gets angry at another boy for chatting up his girlfriend?

Even if your boyfriend is the only person that you love, he should not be the only person you can talk to. Chatting is not in itself an offense, although some types of statements can be offensive. See if you can get your boyfriend to maintain a reasonable perspective about your relationship.

How do you say boyfriend in a sentence in French?

elle s'est fâché avec son petit ami (she went angry with her boyfriend)

You always feel angry with your boyfriend does it have to do with you being unsatified sexually?

it could be.

How do you help your angry boyfriend?

Just give him a chance to talk it out to you if he is comfortable with it

Do you have the right to be angry at your boyfriend calling your best friend baby?

Not really

If you get angry or upset you should before driving?

You should not drive while angry or upset.