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You should definitely be nice. The girls worth dating respond to guys that are nice to them. The girls that like cocky guys are usually the girls that no one should want to date anyway.

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โˆ™ 2012-07-15 22:42:47
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Q: Should you be cocky to girls or should you be nice?
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How do you get girls going after you?

Well you have to be nice. Don't be a jerk to girls. Don't be afraid to talk about your feelings.; 3What I think you should do is go up to her and be a man. I think you should ask her out and when you do that you should be nice not a jerk. Be nice to girls that is what they deserve!!

Should you girls should give us nice guys a chance?


What are 3 things nice girls shoul have?

Nice girls should have a nice smile, be clean and neat and a sense of style or flair.

What is proper attire for a pediatrician?

girls should wear a nice dress, or a nice blouse with pants/ skirt. You should dress nice but not going to a wedding nice. Men should wear dress pants and a nice shirt.

Do you have to be nice to a girl?

I think you should be nice to girls all the time. If they aren't nice back to you you know who not to hang around with.

How should guys behave with girls?

girls like romatics. Just be nice and cute and most importantly, yourself :)

Should you keep going out with this guy who has broken 2 girls hearts but he is really nice to you?


When should a boy hold a girls hand?

when he feels that he isn't gonna be slapped if he does. nice!

What should you do for a girl?

Be nice to the girls...don't be mean to them,tell her you love her alot if you have a crush on her,tell her nice stuff,do anything she tells you to do

Should you get a male or female rabbit?

boys because they are more friendly but that does not mean girls are not nice to

Should I switch schools my senior year?

i wouldn't unless there is no nice/cute boys/girls

How do you keep a girlfiend?

Well, girls are different from one another. So if she's nice you should stay nice, if she's bad to the core you should stay cool, and if she likes you for you, stay yourself!

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