Should you be spanked?

It depends on what you did and your age. It also depends on who is doing the spanking. I, personally, do not believe that anyone other than parents should spank a child. A good test of whether spanking would be effective would be to ask you which form of discipline you would choose if you could. If you say being grounded, chances are that you are still of an age where spanking would be effective. If you would rather take the spanking, then chances are you have become too old to be spanked and grounding is the way to go.

Spanking is not wrong or immoral. It does not do mental or emotional harm to the child. Children learn obedience and respect from such discipline. However, spanking should never be confused with a beating. What you are spanked with should be considered. I would recommend parents not use their hands, which should always bring love and comfort. Neither would I use anything that could break the skin. Spanking should not leave bruising in any form and should never be on any part of the body except the buttocks or palm of the hand. The spanking should be in private and not cause embarrassment or humiliation, such as spanking in the nude or in front of viewers.

If parents are consistent in both their love and discipline, spanking is rarely, if ever, necessary, but again, it all depends on you.