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AnswerBachelor parties are common and acceptable by most in today's society. If you are upset, explore strengthening trust in the relationship. Bachelor parties are a harmless way to celebrate a man's last day as a bachelor. AnswerYes, bachelor parties are disgusting betrayal (and I'm a man, mind you). If he goes to one without your consent then he is selfish, he is a traitor, and you can find a better man than him. AnswerSince you ask, you are, whether you should be or not. Either because you're afraid he might reconsider or take this last opportunity to have sex with someone else before he'd be breaking a marriage vow (though that would still be cheating in most relationships)

or because the idea that he's "celebrating his last day of freedom" insults you, since it implies he wouldn't marry you if he had a choice. Then you should know that a bachelor's party is almost never HIS idea, but that of his male friends. He may actually have a problem with it himself, in which case maybe you should provide him with the excuse "my wife doesn't want me to", though he should be more upstanding. More likely, he likes the idea, in which case it shouldn't be a problem for you even if you don't trust him, since this will show you if you can.

AnswerNo, you should not be upset if your boyfriend is having a bachelor party. I mean the worst thing you can do is try to control him. Bachelor Parties today are a cottage industry and the bad things you think might happen really don't. AnswerNO ABSOLUTELY NOT, let him do his thing if u tie him down it will make matters worse go out for a drink with your girlfriends or something hun

Depends on his friends!

AnswerSounds like you both might have some trust issues. Guys and girls should both be allowed to go out with friends. Even if it's a bachelor party. Let him go and trust him. Then maybe he will understand that he can trust you too. Detailed case:Hey thanks for the advice, but I really do trust him. It is just the places he is going. I know his ex will be there, and she still calls. I don't like that, so that is why it bugs me

REPLY: So you don't trust him really (under these harsh conditions). Ask him whether he trusts HIMSELF under these conditions (alcohol, tempting suggestions/women ...). If he doesn't, he should change them.

REPLY2:I know it bothers you that his ex-girlfriend is going to be there, but then again it's a trust issue. He shouldn't have any problems with you having a bachelorette party either. What does he do when she calls him? Has he asked her to stop or are they just friends? then only thing I can tell you is you have to trust him and if you have doubts sit down and talk with him about it. Don't accuse, don't throw fits, don't get angry, just sit and talk with him about it. Besides, fighting with him about it isn't going to solve anything and just make things worse.

Good luck.

REPLY3: Nowhere in the posters question did they mention an ex-girlfriend attending The Bachelor party. My question is, why is she there? A bachelor party can be anything. It can be guys just going out for some beers at a pub and cutting of a little (or a lot), or going to a strip bar or even a private party his friends are having for him. Other than strippers there should be no girls present and that means no ex!

Men having these bachelor parties is a celebration of the last night of "freedom!" That's all it should be. In high end strip bars the girls do dance (possible lap dance) but that's as far as it usually goes and the bouncers see to that. Those girls aren't out to date your boyfriend, but entertain and they get paid for it. If you have a problem with this then you have a jealous streak in you.

REPLY4: If his ex is going to be there then I have no idea why you aren't going. Please explain! Yes, it's odd to me and even if he's true to you, you can bet she's going to do her best to try and get his attention.

[Comment: This may not be a bad thing. A bachelor's party is supposed to make clear to him what he's giving up (at least in part), and whether he's REALLY serious about his commitment. Though it might make the impression on him that everyday would be a party (depending on his intelligence). As to why SHE shouldn't go...How could he possibly celebrate freedom from her in her presence?]

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Q: Should you be upset if your boyfriend is attending a bachelor party?
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