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The One That You Love. ♥ :)


You should be with the one you love. Life is too short to settle for less.

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You love two guys and one of them love you too and the other one dont?

You should love the one that loves you.

You love her but she love someone else?

Just thrash the boy she don't because then she will just hate you for hurting the one she loves. You should just be as nice and kind to her as you can so she likes you as a good friend then you should have a chat with her and say that the boy she loves will never love her back so then she will get over the one she loves then you tell her how you feel.

How to you when someone loves you or in love with you?

The way one when one loves another one, is something to when be in love.

Loves you or love you which one is gramatically correct?

Both loves you and love you are grammatically correct. For example, "He loves you," or "We love you."

Should you go for the one who loves you or the one you love?

WELL FIRST OF ALL I HATE JUSTIN BEBER and for second go for the one you love

I love him and he also love me but how should i impess him?

you dont need to impress him, if he loves you. he loves you for who you are, dont change something that he loves about you.

What to do when you can't have the one you love?

Love the one that loves you.....

Who should Link stay in love with?

He should love whoever he loves. Simple as that.

How much does you boyfriend love you?

he should tell he loves you if he really loves you

What should you do if the girl you love tells you that she loves you when you are sitting alone in your house on the couch and no one is at home?

If you love her tell her you love her but do NOT do anything INAPPROPRIATE!

Which one will you choose either who loves you are who you love?

Choose the one who loves you......he/she might not be as good looking as the one you love, but at least you know that you can always rely on the person who loves you.

Why does the sentence i loves you has a wrong grammar?

It should be "I love you." When conjugating the verb to love in the first person singular it becomes love and not loves.

Whom would you choose the one you love or the one who loves you?

I don't know of others but I would choose the one who loves me, because whom we love, its not necessary that he/she also loves you.

Does mom loves you?

Why wouldn't she love you??!!!!! She is the one who decided to love abselutly yes she loves you!!!!!!!!!!

Who do One Direction love?

Harry loves Louis loves Harry loves Zayn loves Louis loves Niall love Liam loves Louis loves Zayn loves Niall loves Zayn loves Louis loves Liam loves Harry loves Niall love Louis Harry and Harry loves Louis

How can you tell her you love her when you feel down?

Love is not an emotion, love goes above how you feel and does what you should even when you dont want to. You love her, she loves you, be strong for the one you love. You can do it man

What if your spouse love you more than you love him?

If he loves you more than you love him than you need to learn how to love him just as much as he loves you. You should love each other equally and live happily, if not then just split up. You should be happy that you have a spouse that loves you very much :)

What is the meaning of the song she loves you by The Beatles?

She loves him and with a love like that he knows he should be glad.

What should you do when you love a girl that loves your friend?

This is a hard one but what you should do is just let it go. If you really love make her feel happy. OR you can try and impress her, its your choice.

What should i do about my boyfriend who is drunk and no one loves him now he wants me to come and get him?

it all depends on your lifestyle, and how old you are. No one loves him? Do you? ask yourself that question. do you LOVE him? Does he love you? Is he an achoulac (sorry 4 the bad spelling). He should go to rehab. just ...dont get yourself in danger

What should you do if your best friend loves you but you do not love him?

Tell him/her.

What should you do if someone loves you?

Tell him you love him too!

Is peach in love?

She does not love Mario he's the one that loves her.

If i love someone and he doesn't love me so what should i do?

find someone that loves you......

What should i do when my boyfriend says he loves me?

When someone says he loves you and they mean it, it is proper to say "I love you too back" and you should mean it too. Love is give and take.

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