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YES you should be very worried check all fluids immidiatly

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Invader zim what is it should i be worried if my child is watching it?

No, you should not be worried. It is fine.

How many words do you think you can make out of Saturn auto glass?

When searching for a Saturn replacement glass, one should find their local Saturn dealer. Their service agents can assist one to order and replace a broken glass.

Should you be worried your friend is going to steal from you?

Does the friend has the history of stealing. If he does then you should be worried, but if he does not you should not be worried. But to be safe, you can keep you stuff on safe place to avoid excuses.

What should compression be in a 1992 Saturn SL2?

190+ psi, with a service limit of 180 psi From Haynes Repair Manual

I got a dent in my head today should I be worried?

Yes, you should be worried if it was not caused by mosquitoes or falliing.

What should you say to a friend who flashed more than just breasts to husband?


Why does your service engine soon light come on in a 2000 Saturn?

you should have your engine checked out to make sure everything is working well

Can kurio 10s be flashed with a custom Android ROM?

The Kurio 10s will generally be able to be flashed with a custom Android ROM but one should consult the workers and employees of the store before proceeding.

Hi you have a bump next to my right ears should i be worried?

should i be worried about this bump at the corner of my right ears?

Should Jacksonville be worried about global warming?

My friend, the whole world should be worried about Global Warming, including you.

Picture of a water temperature gauge on 96 Saturn sl1?

Try searching for 96 Saturn sl1. The photos should have some dash shots and show the gauge. You can also check a service manual for the picture.

What should you do if you cousin flashed you?

One viewWell if your cousin flashed you a glance go over to them and ask them if they like you. If so then tell them your feelings about them. Then tell them that you guys are family and should only be cousins. I know this cause I have a cousin that likes me. Another viewIf you or the cousin who flashed you are not adults according to law, tell your parents or your cousin's parents. If you are both adults, respond as you would to anyone else who flashed you. But remember that sometimes what seems to you to be intentional may actually have been unintended and accidental.

What types of radiation should you be worried about?

The most dangerous type of radiation is Nuclear radiation which is the one that should be most worried about.

I haven't been on my period for approx 40 days now should I be worried?

Depends if you want to be pregnant. If not you should be worried...

How worried should you be that your dog bares his teeth at children?

you should be some what worried because that could mean that you are not socializing him properly.

Should you be worried about girls at age 11?

You should never be 'worried' about girls. They are not dangerous, unless you lack self-control.

Should you be worried about your weight Im 15 years old and am currently at 15 stone 7 217 pounds im 5 foot 7 and a girl should i be worried?

At 5'7, you should most certainly be worried.

My cousin's going skydiving should I be worried?

No. It depends. If this is your cousin's first time going skydiving, you should be worried. If your cousin has many dives under his/her belt, then you shouldn't be too worried.

Should you be worried that the world is going to end?

I would be worried about any individual who was notworried. It is human nature to be concerned and nervous about the unknown.

Should i be worried if i am as dumb as you?


Who should be worried about having hemorrhoids?


Your dog hasn't eaten for two day should you be worried?

Yes, you should be worried. Taking it to a vet is a very good option.

If your sexual partner and his other partner need to take metronidazole should you be worried?

Yes you should be worried; you may have the STD Trich.

Should you be worried if there is an unpainful throb in the vagina area for no apparent reason and you are 14?

No. But your boyfriend should be worried. Tell him this is absolutely normal.

Should you be worried that your WiFi internet goes out whenever the microwave is on. Im not worried about the WiFi but what the microwave might be doing my family?

Yes you should be worried. You should get the microwave tested for radiation leakage before you use it again.