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Should you buy an Xbox 360?

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i would highly recommend buying an Xbox 360. it is amazing!!! all of its games are in 1080p hd if you have an hdmi cable, it has xbox live so you can play games with people all over the world and talk to them too.

if you havent gotten an xbox 360 yet i would recommend getting the new one that just came out. it has a 250 gigabyte hard drive, built in wifi, Kinect, and all of the other great things an xbox 360 can do. the built in wifi is a new feature because with all other xbox 360s you would have to run cables all over your house just to get to your router. now you can do it wirelessly.

i highly recommend the xbox 360 to everybody who like video games

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Which Xbox should you buy?

If you want an xbox, you should get the xbox 360, since only games for the 360 are released right now.

Should you buy the xbox 360 kinact?

yes i should buy the kinact

Does morrowind work on Xbox 360?

Yes but you can't buy it for xbox 360, but you can buy it for the original xbox and use it for the xbox 360

Should you buy ps3 or xbox 360?

ps3 is cheaper but xbox is better

Can you get Xbox games on a Xbox 360?

You can buy original xbox games for the xbox 360 yes. You can either buy them on the marketplace or buy the disk.

Should you buy an xbox 360 elite or a ps3?


Should you buy the xbox 360 slim?

yes you should buy the xbox 360 slim You could but your losing more money. Instead you could get a ps3 thats cheaper and does more... :)

Should I return your xbox 360 that came with halo 3 odst and forza 3 and cost 400 and buy an iphone 4 or should I keep my xbox 360?

I would say keep the Xbox 360. Iphones cost less than a Xbox 360 and you can just save up and buy the Iphone instead of having to sell your Xbox.

What is better to buy the PS3 or the Xbox 360?

xbox 360

What system should you buy xbox or ps3?

PS3 just research it and you will learn why The Xbox was replaced by the Xbox 360

Should you sell your psp and ps2 to buy an xbox 360?

Keep them and buy a PS3

If you buy an xbox 360 from London will it work in the US?

yes it should do

Should you buy airsoft or xbox 360?

That's really up to you.

Where to buy an hard drive for xbox 360 slim?

You can buy a Xbox 360 s hard drive from the Xbox website.

How do you play Xbox 360 games on an Xbox Console?

sell your xbox, buy an xbox 360 play it ¬_¬

Should you get a Wii or an Xbox 360?

xbox 360

How do you attach an old Xbox controller to an Xbox 360?

you cant you have to buy an xbox 360 controller

Should you buy Sid meier's civilization revolution for the xbox 360?


What game system should you buy?

xbox 360,ps3,wii,or gamecube

Can you buy xbox 360 controllers at toys r us?

Yes, they should.

Can you buy an xbox 360 and just the Kinect seperatly?

Yes, you can buy a xbox 360 and just the Kinect separately.

How many gigabytes are in the Xbox 360?

That certainly depends. You can buy an xbox 360 with 4 gigabytes for about 200 bucks, or a 250 gigabyte xbox 360 for 300 bucks. So if you want to play a lot of games on your xbox 360, you should get the 250 gigabyte one.

Can you store Xbox 360 games on your Xbox 360?

Yes, in fact you can actually buy games directly on your xbox 360 console.

How do you play Xbox games on the Xbox 360?

(SOME) old xbox games work on xbox 360, i would recommend to buy them from Xbox 360 LIVE Marketplace....

When you buy an Xbox 360 controller for Windows PC I am assuming you buy Xbox games and put them in your PC. Am I right or do you need an Xbox 360?

you need an xbox