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Should you cash in your 401k early to get out of debt?

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Generally a very bad idea. You will lose a significant portion of the 401K principal to taxes and penalities for early withdrawal. Also, you are eliminating all future income in retirement. Have you considered taking a loan from your 401K?

2006-09-02 23:33:44
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Q: Should you cash in your 401k early to get out of debt?
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Can you pull out 401K to pay off debt?

If you have it

Are proceeds from debt issuance cash inflow or cash outflow?

Are proceeds from debt issuance cash inflow or cash outflo

Best available debt to cash flow, worthwhile.?

Debt to cash flow isn't something that costs you anything. It is the amount of debt in comparison to your available cash. It is generally recommended that your cash flow to debt is approximately 70% or higher.

What is debt monetization?

to convert debt into cash

Can 401K funds be subject to garnishment for credit card debt?

No 401K money cannot be seized for virtually anything. If by garnishment you mean your collecting from the 401k - there are many ways that income can be seized, just not while it's in the 401k.

What is debt free cash free?

Debt free cash free is the value of a business without any net debt (= debt less cash). Where a business has net debt, the debt free cash free value is higher than the value a seller would expect to receive for their shares in the business. Debt free cash free is very similar to another term used in finance: "Enterprise Value".

Where can I go to start investing into a 401k ira?

You can start investing into a 401k ira at any bank or financial institutions. Read more at or

How do you calculate net debt?

A metric that shows a company's overall debt situation by netting the value of a company's liabilities and debts with its cash and other similar liquid assets. Calculated as: Net debt = short term debt + long term debt - cash & cash equivalents

Is debt cash?

it depends

Why should you use cash more then credit cards?

Cash can be used at more stores, and you dont collect debt if you pay purely in cash, as your not giving away hypothetical money

Is decrease in long term debt inflow or outflow?

Decrease in long term debt is cash out flow because long term debt decrease when cash payment is done and as cash goes out it is an outflow.

How is bad debt treated in the preparation of cash budget?

Bad debt from creditors is not included in cash outflow of a cash budget. It is treated at a receipt that has not been collected.

Can I Acquire An SBA Guaranteed Loan To Refinance Existing Debt?

Of course you can refinance your existing debt by taking out an SBA guaranteed loan. If the debt is a business debt and the refinance should bring in at least 20% improvement in cash flow.

Advantages and Advice for 401k Loans?

With prudent planning, funds in a 401k retirement account can be a powerful financial asset before the retirement years. While early withdrawal from a 401k account can trigger severe tax penalties and a loss of capital appreciation, a 401k loan sidesteps the tax triggers and is a creative tool that can be used to decrease debt and monthly bills. Drawing on a 401k loan can actually save money in the long-term if the funds are used to eliminate or minimize high interest loans or consolidate debt. In a tight credit market, consumer loan interest rates can be high and a 401k loan for significant purchases or investments can be a cost effective financial tool. A 401k loan does not appear on a credit report or as part of a FICO score as the money borrowed technically belongs to the borrower. Facts to consider prior to initiating a 401k loan include amount limitations and payback requirements. Although federal law allows for loans up to 50 percent of the account balance to a maximum withdrawal of $50,000, individual company guidelines, practices and fees do exist and vary between employers. One significant consideration is the security of your job. Should a job loss occur through layoff, termination or resignation during the loan payback period, the full amount of the 401k loan is due in full in 60 days. It is very important to continue to contribute to a 401k account during the loan repayment period. This ensures the continued growth of the account and maximizes the impact of market gains. Also, if the proceeds of the loan are used to pay off credit cards or consumer debt, it is essential that a plan exists to ensure that the credit card debt cycle does not reoccur. No financial plan fits all situations and goals. If debt is severe enough that bankruptcy is a possibility, it is best to keep funds in a 401k where they are protected from bankruptcy distributions. However, there are occasions that a cash influx from a 401k loan can be just enough of a cash boost to put a new perspective on a financial outlook.

Are cash loans a good way to get out of debt?

No cash loans are a bad way to get out of debt because of the large percentage of interest involved. You will very likely be getting your self in more debt.

Can you take money out of a 401K to pay off debts?

You can certainly pull out of 401K savings if you thing your debt out weights your savings goal. I will say you jeorperdize your future to get over the present situation. I suggest to make proper debt reduction plan and saving on your 401K in parallel. You can plan it out and can have a better future. Use Quicken to maintain your account. You'll know everything about what you are spending on

How to calculate Historical debt service coverage ratio?

Net operating Income/Total debt service Total debt servide-cash reuired to pay out interest as well as principal on a debt Net operating Income/Total debt service Total debt servide-cash reuired to pay out interest as well as principal on a debt

When using debt to finance a project will projected cash flows need to be adjusted based on interest charges?

I should think that, especially when comparing debt financing to equity financing (which does not have a cash flow of interest), you would want to offset the positive cash flows by the value of anticpated negative flow - (interest & principal repayments).

Is it legal to borrow from 401k before chapter 7 bankruptcy is discharged?

Yes, but it is one of the absolute stupidest things financially you can do. By the end of th BK you will lose the 401k money, which is only protected while it is IN the 401k, and be left with the debt to the plan, which won't be discharged and will seize the money in the plan to be paid.

Why did some states oppose hamiltons plan to repay the national debt?

They did not benefit from the 'accumulation' of that debt or the decisions causing it, so why should they pay. An early expression of 'states-rights'.

What is the impact in the US if you are arrested for non payment of cash payday loans?

The non payment of any debt is not a criminal offense unless the goods, services, cash was obtained through fraudulent means. If a debt collector or creditor tells you you will be arrested for not paying a debt he or she should be reported to the state's attorney general for violating the FDCPA. All consumers have legal rights under the FDCPA and they should apply those rights to the maximum.

What are some debt collecting options in order to enhance financial cash-flow?

Debt collection options to increase one's cash-flow include, but are not limited to a written request to settle the debt, personal communication and consultation with your client, legal action and a debt collection agency.

What is a cash flow leverage ratio?

Senior Debt / EBITDA

Does it matter if credit card debt was cash advances?

It could make a difference if the debt was acquired through cash advances instead of purchases, as this activity often has a higher APR associated with it.

How do you make a journal entry paid business debt on account?

Debit debt accountCredit cash / bank