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No. Not unless they are already finished. If you are a good friend, you will not mess with his relationship, and if you do mess with it and she dumps him for you, she will probably dump you for someone else, too.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-13 23:58:31
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Q: Should you continue to try to get a girl's attention after your friend is going out with her?
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What should you do if a boy like you and your friend?

talk to your friend work it out girls are girls

No girls r interested in making friendship with me what should i do to grabe there attention?

No girls are interested in being friend with you, you say. Well if girls arent interested in you maybe you need to make yourself more interesting. Be confident, be humerous, be friendly. But remember you dont need to show off to get someones attention

Me and my friend told this guy that this girl likes one of his friends and the guy told his friend how do I know that he isn't interested in her?

will if he didnt like her then he will not talk to her not pay attention and he would go out with other girls will if he didnt like her then he will not talk to her not pay attention and he would go out with other girls will if he didnt like her then he will not talk to her not pay attention and he would go out with other girls

Why do some girls give lots of attention to your best friend when your best friend already has a girlfriend?

as long as he is not maried all is fair in love and war.

My friend revealed my very personal secret to a group of girls. Should I be her friend?

then this "friend" is not a friend, move on and find a proper "friend".

You are going to the movies with your ex and he is going with your friend How do you get his attention on you and off her?

The best thing to do is talk to him how you feel when he around other girls ! (:

Advice on how to not give any attention to girls that talk badly about you?

always have a friend to talk with beside, so that u can just talk loudly with ur friend to muffle up their bad talking. and if u truly, truly hate them....then they should be out ur mind. they should be just like rocks on the ground.

What does it mean if your boy friend spent the night at another girls house?

My boy friend spent the night at another girls house what should i do and waht does it mean???

Should men have girls as friends?

Why can't a male have a friend that is a female?

How does a guy get a girls attention?

you should at first interduce yourself if she doesn't know you but don't try to speak to her a lot cause girls like the quit gays who don't interact with others that's how you get her attention

Why girls flirt?

girls flirt to get a guys attention

Should you use a friend to ask a girl out for you?

No, girls will think you have no self confidence and it will be a NO.

Why do girls chase me when I don't chase them?

Then girls must really like you and want your attention! They wish for a chance to impress you, so you should give them that chance!

Should guys pay more or less attention to girls that he's just now dating?


Do girls try to get their crushes attention even when they are on the phone with one of their siblings?

girls try to get their attention by doing ANYTHING.

If a boy does not pay girls attention like other boys dodo girls notice that?

well it depends who or what the boy is paying attention to instead of girls...

Should people should continue learning girls should ask boys out?

No! I mean, it Depends on who is comfortabl with what but I'm a girl and I have never and will never ask a boy out because I am a classic romantic and boys should get courage and ask girls.

You see the girl you like hanging out with a very femine guy at school and laughs with him should you be worried?

to be honist no, every girls wants a "gay" friend so her with this "femiline" guy should give u no problems, and girls always laugh even if something isn't funny, just to get attention just like it got u worried

Why do girls talk on other girls for no reason?

they want attention

What do you girls think about shy girls?

It depends on the type of girl who is judging the shy girl. Some girls will think she's being shy just to gain attention. Others will want to reach out and take it as an opportunity to make a new friend.

What do girls not want guys to do?

Girls do not like it when you dismiss their opinions, ignore them, or when you are rude to them. They also tend to personal likes and dislikes that you should pat attention to if you are in a relationship with them.

How do you turn your friend into your girl friend?

very slowly. look at her more often in the eye, and try to meet up with her. girls love it when you pay attention to them, so make their birthday or xmas as special for them as possible.

What should you do if your best friends boyfriend keeps trying to kiss you and you already told your friend and she said that you should stop hitting on him?

Unfortunately, there's little you can do if your friend refuses to acknowledge what her boyfriend's doing. She's so wrapped up in her feelings for him, she isn't going to listen to people that truly have her back. No matter what you say and what he does behind her back, at this point she will continue to believe his BS. Back off from the friendship for now. Don't talk about this guy with your friend and avoid her boyfriend entirely. This guy's sleazy behavior will continue with other girls, and your friend hopefully will wisen up about him sooner rather than later. When that happens, be her friend and support her.

How can fat girls compete with skinny girls for a boy's attention?

They can't.

Why do guys get girls' attention?

the guys want the girls to notice them