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No. All people have feelings.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-24 01:19:44
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Q: Should you do a hit it and quit it on a girl if someone dared you to?
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What is the legal age to quit school?

16, but its not something someone should do.

He has a girl but doesnt stop calling me should i pick up?

You should pick up an tell him to break up with his girl or quit calling you.

Should you quit basketball or not?

No never quit.

Should I quit my job or keep working?

No. You should not quit your job but you should keep it.

What are the release dates for The Girl Who Wouldn't Quit - 1918?

The Girl Who Wouldn't Quit - 1918 was released on: USA: 13 March 1918

If someone is allergic should their loved one quit smoking?

YES!Or they will die in few weeks or months in their adult form.

Is there a black girl in the pussycat dolls?

is there is but she quit and now there is only5 girl and there was 6.

Should you quit school?


What is the best way to make someone quit smoking?

You can't make someone quit smoking. Who are you anyway to suggest that it's your right to make someone quit? But i digress, all you can do is offer them support if they are willing to quit, support includes not smoking around them, and talking with them when they feel they need to smoke. Again a person will never be able to quit if they don't want to.

When can you quit school?

16 in Canada (when you should quit is a different case)

What gender is NiGHTS?

i think he a nightmaren that should be a boy but he changed his mind he quit and then he changed into a girl (oh man that is confused)P.S. He/She is genderless

How do you get someone to quit their job?

It is best to make them think that they are your friend. From their you can make them feel that the company has wronged them. Or that their talent is not being fully utilized or fully rewarded.One thing you should not try to do is get them fired. This will most likely backfire and either get you fired or in a lot of legal trouble.You mean how do you make someone quit?First of all you keep them distracted. Always be doing something with them that they think is fun. That's how they'll stop thinking about the thing you want them to quit and will eventually quit.You should be a little more specific like quit a job or quit smoking.

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