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If he truly wants you back, then of course!

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2012-09-05 01:36:01
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Q: Should you get back with your boyfriend after you found out he have a crush on another girl?
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Do azula like someone?

Well, She tried to get a boyfriend in the episode "The Beach" and some say she had a crush on Sokka, but she never really found a boyfriend

You found out your boyfriend has another girlfriend what should you do?

Dump the cheater. He obviously is not interested in how you feel - regardless of his justification for cheating.

I found out my boyfriend kissed another girl it only happened once but what should i do should we take a break should i break up with him or should i just get over it?

break up with him!!!! if he'll do it once, he'll do it again!

What do you do if you are a female and you find out that your boyfriend cheated on you with another male?

What would you do if you found out your boyfriend cheated on you with another girl? Why is there any difference? Why should the reactions (or actions) be different from any other person cheating on another just because it's a guy cheating on his "girl" with another guy? No matter who he cheated with, another girl, a guy, it's still cheating and should be treated the same. The next decision is up to you.

Why would a girl hurt her boyfriend?

its probably because she loves someone else or she found out something about her boyfriend she should not have known

What should i do if i found out that my best friends boyfriend is cheating on her?

You should tell your friend that he is cheating its best that she knows.

What would you do if you found your boyfriend cheating?

i will tell him to not do it again because that is bad. i will give him another chance.

You found out your boyfriend was talking to another girl what can you do?

Talking to another girl? There shouldn't be any problem with just talking, so there is no need to do anything there. Try talking to your Boyfriend and see what he says about this girl.

What if you found out that your cyber boyfriend is a faker?

You should not be dating people on the internet that you don't know.

Give you a sentence using the word fool?

He found out that the girl had another boyfriend and he felt like a fool.

I am kind of shy and I like this guy should I tell him or should I find out if he likes me first?

I found if my crush liked me or not, so I would recommend that.

What should you do if you found out your boyfriend is cheating because the girl he is cheating with told you and your boyfriend doesn't seem to care that you know?

Find another boyfriend that cares about you and won't cheat on you. Maybe he is trying to tell you something without directly saying the words to you. He apparently doesn't give a #*@*# about how you feel. the girl is jealous and the boy is gay

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