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Find another boyfriend that cares about you and won't cheat on you. Maybe he is trying to tell you something without directly saying the words to you. He apparently doesn't give a #*@*# about how you feel. the girl is jealous and the boy is gay

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Q: What should you do if you found out your boyfriend is cheating because the girl he is cheating with told you and your boyfriend doesn't seem to care that you know?
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Should you forgive your boyfriend for cheating on you with your sister?

If you can forgive your sister, you can forgive your boyfriend. It doesn't necessarily mean that you should stay with your boyfriend. Cheating is cheating and if that is not acceptable to you, you should find someone who will respect that wish.

Your boyfriend told you he cheated on you because you told him you were but really you were not cheating on him what should you believe is he reallly cheating on you?


How can you stop cheating on your boyfriend Boyfriends HELP?

well i think you should tell your bf's bf that you cant keep sneaking around with him and you should tell your bf if the problem doesnt subcide.

What if your boyfriend just told you that he has a child and his baby mother is living with him what should you do?

Break up with him, because he is cheating on you.

What should i do if i found out that my best friends boyfriend is cheating on her?

You should tell your friend that he is cheating its best that she knows.

What if you think that your boyfriend is cheating what should you do?

Well if you think he is should look throw his fone for any texts or numbers he has called alot Or look through his computer make sure he knows you are looking see if he ...doesnt want you to !! if he doesnt find out why ? Or ask his friends if he has had a history of cheating ....And ask those girls about it hope i helped :)

What should you do if you think your boyfriend is cheating?

if u think ur bf is cheating on you and then he will have a fit about it.

Should you stop chasing a girl because she says she has a boyfriend?

if she says that to you, she obviously doesnt like you

Should you ask a boy to be your valentine if you already have a boyfriend?

I personally wouldn't, because then your bf might think that you are cheating on him.

What should you do if you know that your boyfriend cheating on you?

Address him about it face to face.

What if your boyfriend moved and these 2 chicks said that he is cheating on me should i believe my boyfriend or the chicks who i never met?

your boyfriend

When is your boyfriend cheating?

The only way you will know if and where your boyfriend is cheating is either ask him straight out (he may lie about it) or, take a girlfriend with you on an evening he should be with you and follow him.