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Should you get crowns?

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That all depends. A crown is to replace the function of the tooth, given that it's normal anatomy and functionhas been compromised. Crowns on front teeth (centrals) are generally not a good idea unless there is not enough of the tooth left to support a veneer. Veneers are much less invasive. A small (only micromillimeters) amount of the surface of the tooth is taken off, and then etched. A veneer is a 3/4 'cover' (think of acrylic nails) that is put on the front surface of the damaged tooth, and then 'light cured' to become permanent. It looks totally natural, and unlike a full crown, most of your natural tooth remains intact. Crowns are usuallynecessary for molars and bi-cuspids-anywhere a strong chewing surface is necessary. Sometimes Bi-cuspids can function just fine with a tooth colored filling Just don't chew ice on it- I don't even think they do crowns on front teeth anymore, unless there has been a serious injury or accident to the front teeth. Explore all options. Depends like I say, on what tooth it is, how much caries (decay) has destroyed the tooth, how many surfaces are involved (buccal, occlusal, Mesial, lingual or labial, or distal). And, even if down the road the crowned tooth needs a root canal, it is possible to drill through the crown to do the root canal, and then when the root canal is finished, a small tooth colored filling can be placed in the hole (occlusal surface of the crown)that was made to gain access to the root canals (Pulp chamber(s). Hope this helps! TM

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