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Should you give your pet mice baths?

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How do you give a corn snake a mouse?

Your pet store should have feeder mice for snakes. They are baby mice and do not have the nails or teeth developed enough to injur your pet sanke.

Why do thay give you bad mice from the pet store?

to catch good mice.

Can you buy dead mice i dont want to feed live mice to my pet?

ask in your local pet store as most have them frozen if not they should know a place that do. p.s if your pet is a snake it would be good to give them alive mice every once and a while to stimulate them as they would hunt and eat live mice in the wild.

What should you feed pet mice?


Who used to give Lennie mice in the book Of Mice and Men and why did she stop?

Lennie's Aunt Clara used to give him mice to pet. She quit giving him mice when he killed too many of them.

How can you give your mice water?

In a small. You can get one at a pet store.

How do you comfort your rat?

Pet it, cover it's eyes, give it something soft to sit in, or give it food. Some people give them warm baths, but very few of my rats have ever liked baths.

Can you feed your small pet mice cheese?

No! The cheese is eaten by mice that are in cartoons but REAL LIFE they DONT! do NOT feed your pet mouse any cheese. The Swiss cheese, cheddar, etc. are bad for them. If you give them cheese, they should die.

Why are your pet mice suddenly very inactive?

give them more food

Can you give your male Chinese drawf hamster a bath?

DO NOT wash them with water! They will freeze and get hypothermia. You should give them dust baths. You can buy them at pet stores. Dust baths are basically kind of powdery substance, dusty stuff... lol. You can get a bowl or get a place to put the dust and they can clean by themselves.

Wild mice as pets?

No. There is a risk of biting, scratching, rabies, and fleas. you can get pet mice from a store but you should never EVER keep a wild mouse as a pet

How do you take care of pet?

It depends what kind of pet it is. Whatever you have/get just be nice to it. feed and water it, take it to the vet, give it baths time to time,

What age should you sell pet mice?

1 month old

Are pet mice nocturnal?

No. The place where they come from, for example Petco or other pet shops... They encourage the mice to be dirunal. If you have house mice they are nocturnal but not pet mice. This is why mice are good pets for the day and a little of the evening.

Can you give your pet baby bunny a bath?

No! Bunnies are like cats; they don't need baths. They clean themselves.

Can you and should you give your pet mice milk?

Yes you can give your mice milk to drink but not all the time because water is more important for them. They only need milk as an occasional treat every few days. I give my two mice milk in a coke bottle lid every week twice a week with a treat of oats, nuts and apple and they love it.

Are pet mice allowed in Alberta?

Yes, pet mice are aloud pretty much everywhere.

Do you sell pet mice?


Do pet mice always attract other mice?


Where do mice like to get pet?

Most mice like to be pet down their back and behind the ears. But do not pet them if they dont like to be petted.

Where can you buy a chinchila?

Try local pet stores. They should be near the hamsters and mice.

Can you give your pet frog a bath?

I don't see why not. Although, frogs don't need baths, as they live by water; frogs are amphibians.

What do you feed your 2 wild pet mice?

they eat any house food.... but you can give them cheese! --melissa

Where do pet mice come from?

the pet shop and they get them from breeders

What can fancy mice eat?

I have mice and no real mice are fancy but i buy just normal mice mix at the pet shop. Mostly Mice can just eat about anything but DON'T GIVE THEM CHEESE IT IT BAD FOR THEM! Hope this can assist you on your questions THANK YOU KIND REGARDS.

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