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First ask yourself these questions:
  • How much do I like him?
  • Is he worth it?
  • Will he treat me right?
  • Does he really know me?
You should decide on which guy you like first though c; goodluck!
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What should you do if you promised that you didn't like the same guy your best friend likes even though you do?

well, even though it will be hard, you should tell her. you should say that you're sorry and it's not your fault. hopefully she will be understanding.

What does it mean when your boyfriend thinks that you like another guy more than you love him even though you have told him otherwise what should you do?

get another boyfriend because he is jealous and u don't need that get another boyfriend he is jealous and u don't need that

What do you do when the person you like has a girlfriend?

If you really like them but they are in a relationship they are happy with then you should respect that even though its so hard.

Can a girl like another girl even though she's not bisexual?

The girl would have to be bisexual or homosexual is she has those type of feelings for another girl.

Is it wrong to like wearing thongs even though you are a guy?

No i wear them too. I show my friends you should to

Could he like you even though he has a girlfriend?

Anyone can like even if he or she has a gilfriend or boyfriend as long as they have feelings for you. Yes you can like another person despite having a girlfriend, you can have a crush on another girl whilst you love another, its just natural and you can't help your self but you would be awful.#boy snatcher.........

How do you get a boy you like even though he is going out with another girl?

don't mess with him, it'll only get you into trouble. Just wait it out.

Is there a baby version of lapras?

no there is not a Baby Version of lapras even though there should be like a small turtle cause tehre is a baby version of Pikachu snorlax Magmar adn Elelkid is another one

Why does the kid that you like like another girl?

its just their opinion. mabey they do like you but there obviously not going to tell you. and theres probibly a person who likes you even though you like someone else.

What if you do not like water or Gatorade?

Then you should find another substitute. Try juices or even blending your own.

If you like her what should you say?

If you like her, then you should go up to her and tell her so. Or if you're shy, I recommend sending someone else to tell her, even though that can sometimes go wrong.

Does this guy like you another guy even though you just met and then went out for coffee but as you said goodbye he kissed you should you ask him out?

That depends.. Did this guy like you another guy? Or just the same guy? How long were you at the coffee shop for? Because that could effect your choice on whether or not to kiss him.. it makes sense that he would like you if he kissed you

How do you like someone even though they are ugly?

You like them for their personality

Should you try to get somebody to like you even though they are going out with your friend?

It doesn't matter who they are going out with.All that matters is what is on the inside.Bye:D

I like a guy who's never talked to me and i have one class with him but we sit across the room from one another how can i talk to him without seeming like i like him even though i do?

I hedoesn't talk to you should talk to his friends to see what he's interested in then take his answers and compare them to yours

You used to like a guy but then you were just friends what does it mean if you get jealous about him talking to another girl?

Trust me, if you get jealous then you do still like him even though you dont want to admit it.

You like a girl but she doesn't want to be your Valentine but she thinks you're sweet what should you do?

U will be heart-broken she doesnt like you that way u should just move on even though its hard

How should the people sing the national anthem?

very heroic like and a women like Christina Aguilar even though she messed up on it at the super bowl

Should i cook for a woman i really like even though I'm not a great cook?

its the thought that counts or just get cooking lessons

Should I like someone even though people think it's crazy?

As long as it's not illegal and you're not going to get hurt, why not?

What is a poem that describes poverty and diversity?

its means that its like about race and religion like who you are and you should be proud like am Arabic and like don't care am glad even though i have to wear a scarf am glad.

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