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It's reasonable to date someone if you're not sure you like them; this is how you discover whether you do like them. If you find you don't like them, stop dating them because you're wasting both of your time.

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Q: Should you go out with someone if you're not sure you like them?
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Youre developing feelings for a guy despite that you are already seeing someone and even though this is most likely not the person for you youre not sure how should you go about this?

You have to take the time to sort your feelings out before you can be with anyone as you should not enter a relationship if you like someone else.

How do you start the Introduction?

if youre introducing yourself be like hey im ____! and theyll most likely be like cool im____! and if youre introducing someone else make sure to do it immediately and be like ____ this is _____

What do you when youre friends like twilight but you despise it?

tell them and make sure they know how much you despise it and they should understand

How do ask someone out who you like but youre pretty sure they dont like you?

You can still try asking them out, and try to get to know them better and be their good friend and then ask them to the movies or something.

If you have a boyfriend and he really likes you and is nice but youre not sure if you like him back so should you break up with him or see if you like him more later?

You should wait and see if you like him more later.

Should you tell your best guy friend that you like him if youre 13?

Sure! Go for it! Only you know when the time is right, but there is nothing wrong with telling someone that you like them. It is up to you to judge what kind of relationship you want, whether it is just friends or maybe dates.

You really like your friend but youre not sure if he likes you back what do you do?

well you should find a boy friend that to you is kinda a friend and see if your friend is jealous

If you like someone and you might not see them again should you tell them you like them?

Sure there is no harm in it.

Should you go out with a person who likes you?

That sure beats going out with someone that doesn't like you.

If you like someone and he has a girlfriend but he is unfaithful to his girlfriend at times should you still tell him you like him?

No way you can do this as you are not sure about integrity of the person and how can you be sure that he will be faithful to you in future??

What does it mean when a certain person appears in your dreams and in your dreams you have feelings for them but in real life you don't feel like you do?

Maybe your subconcious is picking up on something that you arent. Maybe theyve been trying to get you to like them, and youre wondering what it would be like. Maybe youre just curious about what it would be to like someone different. Maybe you do like them and are in denial. Theres really no way to be sure about a dream translation, but you should probably try to involve that person in your life. (Without telling them about the dream. That would probably freak them out.)

What do you do if youre not completely sure you like somebody and youre not sure if he likes you?

Well I would get to know them better, Find common interest if the guy likes the same things as you then just chat to him about that. If not then just try and have fun and relax guys don't like a girl who is insecure!