Should you go to a trade school or college to become a nurse?


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You should go to college to get a degree as a Registered nurse.The job is more interesting and you make more money.


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To become a nurse, you need to study nursing in a community college or four-year university. Studying biology and chemistry in high school will help you prepare for your nursing classes in college.

High school courses don't matter, none of them will count in college.

You go to college and enroll in a 4 year nursing program to become a nurse.

To become a nurse practitioner in the UK one would have to complete high school and college.

to become a registered nurse most go to college for about 4 years

You can do BSC nursing or GNM Course from any regsitered college to become a registered nurse.

Well, to become a nurse, you have go through elementary, middle, and high school. Then, you can plan to attend a college or university and attend that college or university then you will be able to become a nurse. Of course, however, when your middle and high school, you must: 1.) have perfect attendance 2.) never be truant 3.) behave yourself & 4.) continuously get good grades in all of your subjects (classes).

Someone should become a nurse because they want to. Nobody should become a nurse if they do not want to.

I graduated from High School back in the 1980's and never went to college. I worked as a CNA and recently went to Phlebotomy school and became certified. I want to know what I need to do if I went back to college to become a registered nurse?

Whatever the nursing school you want to attend says you should study.

First, graduate high school. Then decide what school you want to go to. Get an advisor to help you decide what courses you should take. Focus on your school work and learning what you need to know. Complete college get into the nursing program, and become a Neonatal Nurse. If you put your mind to it there isn't anything you can't do.

No, you go to nursing school to become a nurse.

2-4 years of college after the BS in nursing.

It is possible to become a nurse, even if a person dropped out of high school. The first step is to get a G.E.D. and enroll at a technical college. Once a person is enrolled in a nursing program, it is only two-years until they are an actual nurse.

what school do you go to become a nurse

It depends on where you are living. You could apply to the local university or community college. Or you could see about your local technical school.

how many years of college to become a trauma nurse

To become a Licensed Practical Nurse requires two years of college. To become a Registered Nurse will require a four year college degree.

you have to go to college and learn how

To become a perinatal nurse, you should expect to be in school for 8 years. This can change a bit depending on what classes you decide to take.

Join the army unless your gay ,then go to community college to become a nurse

You get a neontal nurse job by going to nursing school and passing all the courses and exams that the college asks you to pass. Then you become an intern.

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