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  • Breast cancer and cancer is very hard to handle when you are someone out there suffering so please please help breast cancer and cancer please help just by doing that your making one ignoramus difference in our live and the planets so please please please help if would mean the life to me thank you very much love Daisy T
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Q: Should you help st Jude cancer and breast cancer?
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Where is a good place to donate to help fight American Breast Cancer?

One can donate money to help find a breast cancer cure through several different websites. Some of these include: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer Society of Canada, and the Breast Cancer Fund.

Why should you support breast cancer survivers?

you should supposrt breast cancer survivers because they fought hard....made it through something unbearable......and not everyone has the chance to tell their story....some people lose their lives to this cancer.....if u fought it...tell ur story.....and help support breast cancer!

Does sperm help breast cancer?


What are some reputable charities where one could make a donation to help breast cancer victims?

Here is a list of the leading non-profit organizations focused on helping those affected by breast cancer: * The American Cancer Society * The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation * The National Cancer Institute * National Breast Cancer Coalition * Y-ME Links to these reliable sources can be found in "Edit Links" to the right.

How can everyone help with breast cancer support?

Everyone can help in breast cancer support by donating to breast cancer funds, by participating in Relay for Life activities or by participating in activities and/or funding programs during breast cancer awareness month. If everyone took a little of their time to show support it would help everywhere.

What are some nice ways to support breast cancer research?

Some of the nice ways to support breast cancer research is donating to foundations such as National Breast Cancer Foundation and Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. You can also participate in their events to help spread breast cancer awareness to the community.

Do blueberries help fight breast cancer?

An excerpt from City of Hope's website "In City of Hope labs, studies of blueberries have shown they inhibit growth and the spread of triple-negative breast cancer, which is one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer and often resistant to standard treatment" So it may not help fight all type of breast cancer, but there is evidence that they do indeed help fight some types of breast cancer.

What can breast cancer do to you?

it can eat away at your breast tissue and you will have to get your breast(s) removed if the cancer has gone to far but if you seek help immediately there could be a way of stopping it in time!

Are there any websites that can help me find breast cancer diet?

Mayo Clinic has a website which discusses the breast cancer diet. I have provided a link to that website:

Does a mans semen help ward off breast cancer?


Is medical marijuana cheaper than radiation or chemotherapy for treatment of breast cancer?

Medical marijuana is not a treatment for breast cancer. Medical marijuana is sometimes used to help with symptoms of breast cancer treatments, but it doesn't cure the disease.

Where can a woman get support if she is diagnosed with breast cancer?

Go to to get help or information on Breast Cancer. Or you can write a letter to the American Cancer Society ( or visit). You can also visit your local hospital or doctor. Whichever you choose.