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Answer IGNORE THE PREVIOUS ANSWER!!!!! YES, YOU MUST LEAVE THE OVERDRIVE IN THE ON POSITION IN YOUR CAR AND THIS IS WHY: The transmission comes with a total of 4 gears including the Overdrive. Releasing the overdrive only restricts the transmission to a 3 gear transmission and therefore does not give you extra power by turning it on (contrary to popular belief). The manufacture reccomends leaving the Overdrive ON for best fuel econimy and performance. Downshifting to second gear again restricts the transmission to a 2 gear transmission (and is therefore not only 2nd gear) and again downshifting to 1st gear restricts the transmission to only one gear or 1st gear. the previous answer is wrong. L8R. - AHEARS.Not if you want to get the best life out of the engine and transmission. The transmission is set up to shift into overdrive whenever possible, to maximize the E.P.A. fuel ratings. However, this results in the engine revolutions per minute being too low for most driving conditions, which leads to carbon deposits in the cylinders, and excessive unburned fuel having to be processed by the environmental controls system. In city, on in hilly terrain, turn the overdrive off. Cruising on the freeway, turn it on.
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Leave overdrive when driving Toyota?

It's not recommended to use overdrive on a constant base. It stresses too much the engine as well as transmission.

When should you turn on the overdrive in a 99 Kia Sephia?

You should leave the car in overdrive at all times, unless driving conditions dictate otherwise. The overdrive is intended to optimize fuel consumption.

How do you get Valefore's energy blast overdrive in Final Fantasy X?

Before You leave Besaid find the Dog and talk to it, it should give you a ball of sorts, then you get the overdrive.

Does the engine come out through the top or bottom of a 1994 Toyota Camry 2200?

job done...motor comes out the top, leave the trans in place.

What is over drive light mean?

That means you are either in overdrive or you have a defect in the dash lights that is turning on your overdrive light. Wiki can explain what overdrive is better than I can, but it's not a bad thing. You should probably just leave your vehicle in overdrive for better fuel economy.

Do you drive 2000 Jeep Cherokee with overdrive on or off?

For everyday use leave overdrive ON. When/if you tow a trailer, turn overdrive OFF.

How do you turn off the check engine light on 1994 Toyota Camry?

All you have to do is unplug the battery for about 10 minutes. That will reset the system, then drive the car or leave it idle for about 15 minutes. If it comes on again, then you have a problem and you should do a diagnostic test.

My Ford F-150 automatically defaults to overdrive should I turn this off every time I drive the vehicle?

NO, leave the overdrive on. Only turn it off when pulling a heavy load or in a mountainous area. Overdrive improves your fuel economy.

Should you keep your car in overdrive?

Overdrive really wont affect you in a town or city, so you can just leave it on. On the highway, it helps reduce the strain on your engine, so just keep it on all the time.

When driving a 2009 Nissan Sentra is it ok to leave the overdrive on all the time?

yes. it will only shift into overdrive when it is needed.

Should you leave overdrive on in mercury mountaineer?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position Until you are travelling around 50 MPH / 80 KPH it won't shift into overdrive anyway If you are towing something , or driving in hilly country where the transmission is always downshifting , then you can shut the overdrive off and the O/D OFF light will light up in your dash

When to use overdrive on 93 Nissan Sentra?

if it is an automatic leave it in overdrive. the transmission knows when to change into the overdrive gear. if it is a manual listen to the motor. if you have in overdrive and it bogs down while accelerating then down shift to a lower gear.

Do you supposed to leave your overdrive on while driving?

Overdrive is the normal position - if you are in hilly areas and find the transmission keeps shifting back and forth between overdrive and drive , you can use the overdrive cancel switch to shut off the overdrive feature and if you are towing something you also want to shut off the overdrive

No overdrive on a 1990 Lincoln town car.?

why does the 1991 Lincoln towncars transmission not have overdrive?Instead of going into overdrive it seems to go into neutral.But if you take it out of overdrive and leave it in drive it never goes into neutral while I'm driving.

Where is number one on distributor and what way does it turn clock wise or counter on Toyota 92?

1992 Toyota what? Corolla, Camry, Celica, Tacoma, etc. And what size engine. Not to be harsh, but how do you expect an answer when you leave out critical information, and even put the question in the wrong place.I moved the question to the Toyota section and I will answer when you provide enough information.

Where is the stop light relay located on a 1991 Toyota Camry?

How do you fix the automatic headlight shutoff feature on a 1990 Toyota Camry? Answer If the headlights no longer shut off when you close the door, there's a relay which needs to be replaced. IIRC, it's in the fuse/breaker box under the hood, near the battery. It happened to me once (I leave the lights on all the time for safety) and replacing the relay fixed the problem. I don't remember exactly which relay it was, but it was clear from the wiring diagram, and there's a label on the inside of the relay box that also indicates which relay is the headlamp control. Where is the fuse for the windows located on a Toyota Camry?

What do the buttons on the front of the gear shifter do in a 1992 Toyota celica Gt automatic do?

Overdrive switch. push it and it will say o/d off. If you want good milage on highway leave it on, if you want more zippyness turn it off.

Should I replace the oil pan on my 2000 Camry LE with no oil leak and only 55K?

You should never replace a pan if there is no defect such as,leak,crack,major dents ect. If its not leaking you should leave it alone!

What causes the Reverse light to come on when you step on the brake in your 1992 Toyota Camry?

you may have your brake light socket and your back up light socket in the wrong holes. Or you have a short but that would probably leave you with a blown fuse and no lights.

On a 1994 Mazda 626 How do get the button on the shifter to switch back over to automatic from overdrive it is stuck in overdrive and when you push the button it won't switch back?

The button does not switch from Overdrive to Automatic. The button just turns the overdrive off. Overdrive is not a separate drive system as your question implies. Normally you leave the car in overdrive mode. That way the transmission shifts into overdrive at highway speeds, thus saving fuel. If you are saying the transmission is stuck in overdrive and it will not disengage then seek out a A/T professional.

What does the button on the side of the transmission shift lever do on a 2009 jeep liberty?

The button turns the Overdrive on and off. Leave it on unless you are towing something.

How do you reset the check engine light on a Toyota Camry?

Sorry, it has to be done by the dealer or you need to buy the gauge yourself. My Suggestion: Remove battery terminal (pos or neg, doesnt matter) leave for 10 min, reconnect, see if gone

For a 1998 Grand Marquis when should overdrive be used?

Leave OD on during regular condition driving to conserve fuel economy. Turn off OD to accelerate better and when climbing hills.

When do you use the overdrive on my Nissan exterra?

You should leave the overdrive on all the time. If it is off there will be a od off light that will come on the dash. The trans. will know when to shift into and out of od. Unless you are going down a steep long hill and need engine braking so you don't have to brake as much or pulling heavy loads.

Is A 1984 Grand Marquise Driven In Overdrive Or D?

Leave it in o/d . The trans. will work just fine.