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Yes, If he is not going to work then leave him!!!

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Q: Should you leave your boyfriend because he refuses to work?
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What to do when you cant get your daughters boyfriend to leave?

If this person is in your house, you should tell him to leave. If he refuses, you can contact the police. However, if he is in her home, there is nothing you can do about it.

How do you get rid of your wives ex boyfriend?

If he come to the house you are living in and is abusive then you can ask him to leave. If he refuses to leave then call Local Police and explain why you are calling. The Police should then come to the house and talk with both you and the ex-boyfriend. Police will then decide if ex-boyfriend should be arrested or not.

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If she likes you but refuses to break it off with her ex that means she doesn't have a sense of where she should stand or you haven't given her a good enough reason to leave the other boyfriend. I would highly, and I will say that again. I highly recommend you move on because if she is cheating on her current boyfriend then when you and her get involved she could do the same to you and cheat. It's not worth it in my opinion.

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show your authority and ask for the guest to leave

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you should leave him if your boyfriend threatens you in anyway your to good for him so ditch him NOW

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yes. yes.

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Depends on how he treats you

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