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This is only my opinion, but I'd suggest one of his favorite characters (for instance: Spiderman) and if he doesn't like that idea, get him to go as "Cat Woman" (you could fool around with that one so there really is no gender) Two years in a row is too much and it could lead him into some bad habits.


Halloween is a safe time to experiment. Allow him to dress as he pleases, and help all you can in a supportive way. Be glad that he can tell you what he wants, and not keeping secrets. If you aren't supportive, you could create a whole dangerous world of secrets, fear and shame. Help him explore his curiousity in a safe and supportive way. Maybe it's just fun, and even if its not, its not a big deal really, as long as its not sexual or offensive to a girl in any way.

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Q: Should you let your son dress as a girl for Halloween again?
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How do you dress a boy as girl for Halloween?

you should buy a wig for them and buy a girl Halloween costume for them.

What should I do when my girlfriend wants to dress me as a girl for Halloween?

Let her do it and have fun

Can a boy dress like a girl on Halloween?

sure they can if they really want to dress up like a girl on Halloween night, if you will let your son he will. My son wants to dress up like a girl for Halloween so i will let him do it

Should a boy dress up as a girl for Halloween?

It would be perfectly okay if they did.

Can a girl dress as a man for Halloween?

of course ,she can ..

Dress as girl Halloween?

Yeah. But only when I'm not playing a guy for halloween.

What should you wear if you dress like a girl for Halloween?

You should wear a dress, makeup, fake jewelry, tights (stockings, leggings, etc.) and high heeled shoes.

How do you dress like a girl for Halloween?

You could be a character/princess,

What can a girl dress up as for Halloween?

barbie and Hannah Montana

Where can I buy a flapper girl dress?

you can buy a flapper girl dress costume at halloween city. they are available there for a reasonable price. you may also purchase them online at their website or other halloween specialty stores.

What would you need if you were a guy wanting to dress as a girl for Halloween and instructions step by step?

Dude, don't dress like a girl... That's lame

How can you make your son want to be a girl for Halloween?

Parents should never force their sons to dress up as girls. Iron Man, etc., are the most popular characters most boys want to dress up as. To force your son against his will to dress up as a girl is actually a trauma to him. Halloween is suppose to be fun for children so go along with what he wants to be.

What should you dress your hamster in for Halloween?

Hmm... If it a girl maybe a ballerina or something cute:If its a boy maybe rock hamster or something :D

Should i dress as a girl at the age of 17?

yes if you are a girl you should dress like one

How do you pass level 18 on style me girl?

how do I pass the Halloween level 18 on dress me girl

What do you do if your mother wants you to dress as a girl for Halloween?

Do you want to dress as a girl for Halloween? If you do, then go along with it. You will fel stupid if you don't do a good job. Tell your Mom you love her idea but want to look decent and be trained to carry it off.

What is the best thing to dress up as if your a girl at Halloween?

A princess or something cute like a fairy! Or you can even dress up as your favorite character, no matter if it is a boy or a girl! I saw a little girl dress up as Peter Pan! So cute!

Who can you be for Halloween with a white flower dress?

a girl, a ghost, runaway bride, Zombie, devil fairy

What are some good ideas to do on Halloween night?

You could have Halloween and invite all your Friend's you could go trick or treating your girl you dress up as zombie school girl or a devil or witch your a boy you could dress up as a Dracula or a skeletons or a pirate or a were wolf or Frankenstein.

What should a 9 year old girl be for Halloween?

A Cheerleader or a famous singer is what a girl could be for Halloween.

How do you be a girl for Halloween?

Were girls clothes dress or anything wig if you can get it but wearing girls clothes will solve the big obstacle

Could a boy be a girl for Halloween?

Back to the Phantom Zone, Liberace! Keep Homosexuality out of Halloween, good Lord, do we have to intone- All molested children lend a hand! no way. Well the first answer is not correct. Halloween is a good time to test new ways of life. And just because someone is dressing as a girl does not mean they are a homo. I for one love dressing up as a girl for Halloween and am not gay in any way. The fact is sometimes people are forced or dared to dress up a girl for that one night only. i will have to go with the 2nd one because im not gay ind i like to dress up like a girl and it is realy fun i was a girl last year and im doing it again theis year.

What should you wear if you want to dress like Samantha from American girl dolls for Halloween for a 17 year old for school costume?

something victorian, she is victorain. just look at her. be crative!

How should your son dress as a girl on Halloween?

If he has no sister or girl cousin close to his age, find a neighbor, classmate or other girl his age. Ask her to loan him an outfit, get him a wig and add some make up. Otherwise take him to the girl's section at the local WalMart.

Should you let your son dress up like a girl for a family trip?

no you should not let him dress up like a girl anyway

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