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  • Don't lock the door. Let your child be secure in the expectation that you will always be available to them when they need you. Allowing your child to sleep with you every night prevents them from maturing properly and causes them to be afraid of sleeping alone.
  • Don't let them stay in your bed anymore. Any time that they try to crawl in bed with you, nicely take them back to their own bed. Be firm and consistent. From this point forward, they never stay in bed with you again. The only exceptions would be a storm. It may take a few weeks or even several weeks of taking them back to their own bed, even a couple of times a night. They will eventually realize the futility of getting out of bed just to have you put them back into it again. If you give in, then you can expect to continue to be awakened each night. If you never give in again, then you will be assured of a peaceful nights sleep for years to come. Also, I think that your child will respect you just a little bit more for not being weak-minded.
  • I agree, in theory, because that's exactly what I tried with my son. Every night for 2 weeks, about 3 hours each night. After the 3 hours, we gave up and let him go to bed with us. I don't have any solution, but at some point I think options will run out and the lock will come out.
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Q: Should you lock your bedroom door to keep your five year old from trying to get into bed with you each night?
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