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No you shouldn't make it more difficult for her. Either one or both of you made a choice to leave the relationship and there must have been reasons. You do have a right to see your child and if you haven't done anything legally about it, then I suggest you see a lawyer and get partial custody of your child. Custody of a child is very serious and the courts or Child Welfare will not put up with a parent or parents that do drugs, hang out in a bad environment or don't have a suitable place for the child to come visit (other arrangements could be made such as meeting your ex girlfriend and both of you take the child out for the day.) If the child is due to visit you and you continue not to turn up or get someone to constantly babysit that child then your ex can go back to court and seek total custody. Your ex has a right to move on with her life and so should you. It's important that you speak with her about your child and not use the child as a weapon to gain control over her. Children aren't asked to born into this world so it's time both of you grew up and forgot about the hurt one or both of you have inflicted on each other and get along for the child's sake. Just because your ex has a boyfriend doesn't mean that child is his and you have the right by a court of law to see your child. Marcy No. You should not get in the way. Stay friends with her and stay involved with your child for the sake of that child. If you make life difficult for your ex, she will retaliate. The mess will do more harm to your child than the both of you. Perhaps in the future, a spark will happen again for you two. Until then, stay civil and stay friends. Causing a rift in her relationship with her new boyfriend will make her resent you. That is no way to get her back. u cant force some one to have feelings for u. n if u did love that person, u would want them to be happy no matter wat. n if ur a good person they will see wat they missed out on in the future

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Q: Should you make it difficult for your ex-girlfriend to see her new boyfriend because you still love her and you have a child together?
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